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As I have now sent quite a few Bosh motors to friends here on the forum (Steve, yours are on their way) and also after reading Dave's well written review, I thought it would be good to give more information on these motors to the group.

Without modification the motors have 100 degree of movement, once you cut off the actuator arm (to get the 6mm spindle) the motor will rotate 360 degrees there are no internal stops. The internal pot is only active for the 100 degrees.

I needed 180 degrees turn on the EZ:1 and EZ:2 head pan smart servo (shown below) and I achieved this by modifying the smart servo firmware so that when the smart servo controller gets 2 to 99 it accurately moves through the whole 100 degrees and if I send 1 or 100 then the controller sends the motor 40 degrees past the 100 degrees in both directions. Centering the servo (back to 50) always accurately re-syncs the motor position as it is half way into the pots travel.

User-inserted image

To get the original actuator arm off, very carefully with a hacksaw blade cut down one side of the actuator to reveal one side of the spindle, once this is clear then with a gentle prying from below the actuator the arm usually just pulls off.

Here are the 6mm hubs that fit the motor spindle.

Here is the plastic box that holds the smart servo PCB.

Here is more info on the motor drives

Hope this is of use.

Commented February 2014
Australian ! Close enough
Commented February 2014
Dave, your comments are interesting about the English accent, I went out of my way to give the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots American accents as I thought that would be the most preferred! I had no idea people would want English accents on their robots in the US, but now coming to think of it on a few of my US business trips people have said to us "I just love your Australian accent" so people in the US must think I sound Australian too! I have trouble with understanding the Scottish accent as well.

Glad you like the LED's. its was one of our design team that said "it looks like a Christmas tree" and that got me thinking that maybe the flashing was too much. I might just reduce the scan flashing so it only flashes debug info.

Steve S
Commented February 2014
I like the LED lights, especially if they are relaying useful information. That makes them more valuable then just having displays for show, they are functional and purpose generated. I guess a dimmer or toggle switch option would be nice, if not too pricey.
I would just leave mine on.
Can I order my female robot with a slight British accent?
That still amazes me how an arm that long can lift that beverage so well and quietly.
Thank You,
Steve S
Commented February 2014
I agree with Dave and Steve! Keep the lights but maybe offer an option to turn them off.....My robot FRED has the voice Lawrence from Cepstral and a few others..But yeah british accents sound to me James Bondish? British butler?... and just foreign enough!
Commented February 2014
The British accent was the whole reason I chose Lawrence from I also mixed it with the "old robot"sound effect.
I think British accents are the coolest.

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Published Friday, February 7, 2014