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I've been away for a while, I updated ez builder, and Firmware to 16.6...all a sudden the servos stopped working. The board image is also showing the v4 now...did I miss something? *stress*
June 9 2014
Production of the V3 stopped a year ago about the same time when Revolution was announced... Arduino will evolve too... Just as likely you will have to upgrade your arduino boards at some point in the future... No platform will stay stagnant if they want to remain in business, that is... Ask yourself this... although highly unlikely, what if windows drops support for Bluetooth? With WiFi being far superior this eventually may push out Bluetooth as the main way to communicate with devices... Probably not, but you never know?
June 9 2014
By the way, if your project uses vision/camera then trust me you want the V4... DJs new camera is absolutely brilliant... that alone is worth the upgrade... especially when you consider DJ is sill working on bringing object recognition to us ... :)
June 9 2014
Hello all
@Rich, @Richard R
I am aware of what all you guys are saying, I did the firmware update first, and that's when it stopped working. Its connecting, but the servos stopped working. My firmware is at 16.6....this is the latest right?

I'm quite sure the firmware update was all the way to recycling the board's power. The board works, and connects (faster btw) Any theories?
DJ Sures
June 9 2014
We have no immediate plans to stop supporting the v3 in EZ-Builder or EZ-SDK. Many of the new features of EZ-Builder are unable to run on the v3 due to processor and hardware limitations. However, the v3 will always remain compatible in the software.

In fact, we have released a few firmware updates for the v3 recently.

Yes, the v3 has been discontinued for production in April 2013 (over one year ago). We spent the last year developing the v4 and decided to not sell the v3 during the development time of the v4. This is because we did not want people to buy a v3 and be disappointed when the v4 came out. We gave our community the opportunity to purchase and wait for the v4 - which, as you can see was a wait worth while! :)

As for your servos not working, I recommend checking the fuse. If it has been a while since you last used the EZ-B v3, maybe there was an accidental short in the wiring of DOOOOOOOOOOM BOT. Can you use a volt meter to verify there is power between the GND and +5 Digital Pins of the EZ-B v3?
June 9 2014
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Published Monday, June 9, 2014