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This is a video of JD being controlled by a Kinect, I still need to to fix some discrepancies.

Only head, arms and grippers are being controlled.

I have the legs ready but i need to figure out away to secure JD when he loses the equilibrium, it's very difficult to keep him safe if you make a wrong move.

fishing lines ? more ideas ?
Commented February 2017
@DJ, @RR: Thanks!

Don't worry, I'll do a few more improvements.

I'll do a few more tests to catch the last bugs, i'll release the plugin during the weekend.
Commented March 2017

Sorry the delay, but the last weeks I've been ultra busy.

Plugin released!

The time is not enough to write all the plugin details, i think i provided the minimal to use the plugin.

@Richard let me know if it works.


a lot of new plugins, it's a shame i don't have enough time, thanks for sharing.
Commented March 2017
Man...this is some serious coding!

Also that Roll Pitch Yaw visualizer...Euler Angles and all this rotation matrix stuff never stopped driving me nuts hahahaha!

Outstanding work! :D
Greg C
Commented January 20
Good work ptp
Is there way to start and stop this plugin in a script?
Commented March 30
Great, I tried it, but I was not able to write a Plugin.

The DepthSensor Plugin works fine, but in some situation the Plugin stops working.
I had to exit EZBuilder and start again or delete the Plugin from the Project and add it again to continue working.

I tried ist again and again and I think, when I´m very closed to the Sensor ( 50cm? ) and then I go to the right out of the sensor window it will be frozen.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean.

Bye Hansi
Avatarby ptp
Published Tuesday, April 19, 2016