Asked December 26 2017

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Hello, I have a question .

I have these servos in my robot and have now bought the EZ-B V4.

But if it does not get to work, can the Ez b control these servos?

The servos are all connected and the controller only has 1 cable

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June 22 2018
ruallapeira. Thats exactly what I want to do
June 22 2018
Hi guys:

I am thinking how would I use the IOTiny with this and I only see this line on wiring:

"all I did is connect the positive and negative of the servo to D0 and the control wire to TX from uart0 " (guess this is with the EZ-B V4)

Do we have specific info on how to do the following with the IoTiny:

"This plugin requires the RX signal wire of the servo be connected to TX of the selected UART or digital port (if Software UART is selected)"

I dont mind buying some EZ-B but I rather stick with a way to use IoTiny if possible.
DJ Sures
June 22 2018
The help in the plugin explains how to use it with iotiny. Simply use any of the digital ports for the connection. And specify the correct port in the plugin. Read the blue question marks and the plugin help beside options and it’ll make senses
June 22 2018
thanks I will acquire a couple of boards... probably with the board in my hand it will be obvious
December 28 2018
hi raullapeira

do you have any video about this project with the ubt robot?