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Hi, I have a home-made robot with 6 servo motors that I want to animate using ports D0–D6 of a Developer kit. I’d like to have the option of moving all the motors at the same time, but cannot get RoboScratch or Blockly to move any of them. I can see the blue light is on and the camera is sending a signal to my laptop.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to select the port using RoboScratch so I’m trying to use Blockly, but this returns an error saying I am not connected to EZ_B. I am right in sticking with Blockly, or is there another method of animating these motors I should use?

If so, please advise which tutorial(s) I should be watching.
DJ Sures
Commented September 5
Random movements? Random would be super easy with a blockly or ezscript loop.

But.... I’d use the auto position control. Read about it and follow tutorials here:
Richard R
Commented September 5
No need to do any coding... use the autopostioner control to create frames and actions for all your servo movements.... See here
Auto positioner
DJ Sures
Commented September 5
For random movements use a little blockly program like this video below...

Here's a screenshot...
User-inserted image
DJ Sures
Commented September 5
What do you mean by virtual joystick? You can use a real joystick:

Otherwise I guess you can use the servo touch pad if you don’t have a real joystick:

All servo controls let you move as many servos as you need. Look here:
Commented September 9
Thanks very much for all the help. This is a tremendous help and has given me loads to look into.
Asked on Sunday, August 5, 2018