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Operating Servos Using The Developer Kit

Hi, I have a home-made robot with 6 servo motors that I want to animate using ports D0D6 of a Developer kit. I’d like to have the option of moving all the motors at the same time, but cannot get RoboScratch or Blockly to move any of them. I can see the blue light is on and the camera is sending a signal to my laptop.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to select the port using RoboScratch so I’m trying to use Blockly, but this returns an error saying I am not connected to EZ_B. I am right in sticking with Blockly, or is there another method of animating these motors I should use?

If so, please advise which tutorial(s) I should be watching.


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First things first. If it is returning that you are not connected to the EZB, you must do that first. Watch the video below and make sure you are connected via wi-fi.
Check out the learn section from the menu at top of this website. Press learn and select your product. There’s plenty of tutorials to get you started. Have fun!
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Thanks for your help. I can now see that I am connecting.

Unfortunately, I have tried using the JD & Six "Example Projects" (along with numerous tutorials), but as I am jumping straight in with the Developer Kit I am not having any success moving any of the motors.

Is there a specific Developer Kit set of tutorials?

are you connected ? or connecting.there's a diff.
I would recommend that you not us a script for JD to try to move your servos for the first time.
Start by connecting and verify that you can get connected. I think you are since you can see the camera image. Then add a single servo control and see if you can move one servo. Once you can prove that, moving multiple servos will be easy.
Try operating a servo without a script to Test, with a New blank file.
Open ARC and connect, light on EZB will change from blinking to steady after connection.
At the top hit Project
Hit Add
Hit Servo
Hit Horizontal or Vertical
Hit the small gear Icon and select a port
NOTE: Servos will not move unless the Min & Max are adjusted for this test.
Set Min to a lower # than 90 that is safe for your robot.
Set Max to a higher # than 90 that is safe.
If you can move a servo with this test, then try a script.
This is also a safe way to learn your Min. & Max settings, before trying Scripts.
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Thanks very much. Lesson 49 was very helpful.

Which number tutorial should I move onto next to show me how to program all 6 motors to move independently but at the same time?

see lesson/49 all the way below.it say gait.you chould have that window in your project.
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I don’t wish to create a standard moving style, I merely want to code it so that all 6 motors to move independently, but at the same time. Thereby creating an illusion that the robot is alive.

Rather than using Blockley or RoboScratch, is there a virtual joystick type method of programming that I can use?
For random movements use a little Blockly program like this video below...

Here's a screenshot...
User-inserted image
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Thanks very much for all the help. This is a tremendous help and has given me loads to look into.