ARC Windows 2015.05.31.00

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- resets servo fine tune settings when a new project is loaded

- camera image can be flipped, rotated, mirrored, etc. with new menu in Camera Config

- servo limits can be hard coded with SetServoMin() and SetServoMax() commands. This prevents any servo from moving past the specified position. This is only reset when a new project is loaded. (This is not compatible with iOS apps for 9 days after today because it takes 9 days for apple to review the software update). You will receive an EZ-Script compile error if trying to use these commands on current iOS app.

- speed improvement with compiling ez-script

- Auto Positioner includes GAIT Source Code Creator. This will create C++ and C#, UWP code for servo movements based on Auto Positions. Anyone using the EZ-SDK or UWP SDK will appreciate this for Windows 10, Windows 10 Core, Windows Phone, xBox, Raspberry Pi, and many more.

UniversalBot is available here:
Alan and Richard, You should have an email. When you run across something that makes you wonder what I was drinking when I wrote some of this stuff, shoot me an email.
@David... LOL.... Dude, I have a lot to learn before I even understand what you have coded in AI....

Richard, I'm not much of a programmer either, though I know html and Css, and 123d design, and blender. Just look for video tutorials and other things. Play around with the program/code. That's how I learned.

As for the update, the ideas of being able to rotate the camera is great!
Yep, what I sent will allow you to dig into some working code for examples of how to do somethings. I find using working examples to learn how to do something is the best way for me to learn. I hope what I sent will help in the future. I know that using some of the classes from this project will make things a little easier for you. The code is there to show how the classes are used.
@d.Cochran - sent you an email requesting the samples/examples package as well if you don't mind. Thanks.
@69Developer, you already have what I sent them. I didnt have time to setup things like I wanted to last night for them so I sent them the same zip that I sent to you a couple of weeks ago.