Windows 2015.05.31.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- resets servo fine tune settings when a new project is loaded

- camera image can be flipped, rotated, mirrored, etc. with new menu in Camera Config

- servo limits can be hard coded with SetServoMin() and SetServoMax() commands. This prevents any servo from moving past the specified position. This is only reset when a new project is loaded. (This is not compatible with iOS apps for 9 days after today because it takes 9 days for apple to review the software update). You will receive an EZ-Script compile error if trying to use these commands on current iOS app.

- speed improvement with compiling ez-script

- Auto Positioner includes GAIT Source Code Creator. This will create C++ and C#, UWP code for servo movements based on Auto Positions. Anyone using the EZ-SDK or UWP SDK will appreciate this for Windows 10, Windows 10 Core, Windows Phone, xBox, Raspberry Pi, and many more.

UniversalBot is available here:
That is really cool. It may even make me upgrade to Windows 10.
Don't upgrade yet - it's not very stable. I use it on a spare laptop. I wouldn't dare use it on a daily used computer

You can use UniversalBot with Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 8.1 - I believe you need to install Universal Windows Platform (UWP). I think it comes in a few flavors, but it is an add-on.
The ability to flip and rotate the camera image is really awesome.... There were many times where I wish I could mount the camera upside down in my projects because it fit better that way.... SetServoMin and Max commands are welcome too.... Especially where accidental over rotation (like the inMoov project) can damage joints.... Another great update as usual... Thanks:)
@DJ or @David.... I have a little list of things I want to learn... 3d design, HTML... etc... My question is leaning Visual studio and using UniversalBot of any benefit at this point for me? I know ARC like the back of my hand and I can create just about anything I want, but would Visual studio allow me to go further down the programming road? I guess what I am asking is what can UniversalBot do that ARC can't in the context of robotics that is?
Tanks JD these new command will be very helpful, specially SetServoMin() and SetServoMax().

They make indeed my Inmoov articulation a lot safer.
@Richard R

There seem to be two reasons for learning Visual Studio as it relates to EZ-B based at least on the posts in this thread.

1) Programming students who have decided to make robotics projects. They are trying to reproduce some or all of the ARC functionality in their own code.

2) Those who want to integrate some 3rd party system to ARC (Dave's EZ-AI, Justin's EZ-Face, etc...). If you want to connect to an application or device that has its own API that DJ has not yet integrated to, the SDK is an effective means of doing so, although asking DJ to add support seems fairly effective as well....

@Alan.... Thanks man.... I know a little C++ from programming arduinos... I really don't like programming in C++, but I do it when I need to..... I still wanting to expand my knowledge in "PC stuff" in general....
@Richard, The IoT has many things and many more popping up everyday. Where I see and use the SDK is to connect the things in IoT to ARC. This allows you to greatly expand the capabilities of your robot by allowing you to have access to data that will be beneficial to your robots. I would say that learning C# can be fun but frustrating. If you decide to go down this path, let me know and I will send you some things that will help you out.
@David... Thanks David... got so much stuff I would like to learn... seems like I don't have enough time for all of it LOL....
This is why I got out of programming in my corporate life and moved to management. It is a young man's game now. I like programming for fun and I like learning new things. Being forced to constantly learn how to do your job in a different way gets a bit old. Learning how to do things with your robot is fun. Its funny how the mind works. Well maybe it's just my mind... hmm, maybe i am crazy?!?!?!

Can you send me those "things" too? Learning C# is on my todo list. I have started a couple of tutorials and get lost pretty quickly. The last serious programming I did was in Visual Basic v6 and .NET has changed everything (and at least in the ease of use in Visual Basic, I don't know if for the better... stuff that I found really easy to do in VB6 using ActiveX controls now seem impossible when I try to do them in VB.NET, which is why if I need to learn a new language, I just want to go straight to C#).

Sure. I will package some things up tonight. The main thing is a couple of classes that will make it really easy to communicate with ARC from C#.
@DJ, camera orientation is a great addition! Thanks!
Alan and Richard, You should have an email. When you run across something that makes you wonder what I was drinking when I wrote some of this stuff, shoot me an email.
@David... LOL.... Dude, I have a lot to learn before I even understand what you have coded in AI....

Richard, I'm not much of a programmer either, though I know html and Css, and 123d design, and blender. Just look for video tutorials and other things. Play around with the program/code. That's how I learned.

As for the update, the ideas of being able to rotate the camera is great!
Yep, what I sent will allow you to dig into some working code for examples of how to do somethings. I find using working examples to learn how to do something is the best way for me to learn. I hope what I sent will help in the future. I know that using some of the classes from this project will make things a little easier for you. The code is there to show how the classes are used.
@d.Cochran - sent you an email requesting the samples/examples package as well if you don't mind. Thanks.
@69Developer, you already have what I sent them. I didnt have time to setup things like I wanted to last night for them so I sent them the same zip that I sent to you a couple of weeks ago.