ARC Release 2013.06.15.00

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Hi! This is a new release of EZ-Builder with some neat enhancements and a few new features. I would recommend upgrading to this version:)


- EZ-Bit Library displays progress bar when syncing
- EZ-Bit will auto sync when loading a project when you do not have the files and answer Yes to sync
- ADC_WAIT(), ADC_WAIT_BETWEEN() and DIGITAL_WAIT() now accept optional parameter for poll interval from EZ-B
- Projects can contain details, author, links and thumbnail. Found under Project, My EZ-Robot, Details
- save project details
- save project thumbnail image
- prompts to open video link when open project
- auto arrange checkbox on open project
- info button on project list in file open dialog if project contains link
Another awesome version update incorporating a wide variety of functions! Thanks DJ!.....ADC is a big part of the EZ-B and adding the polling interval will allow better management of the processing time share :) ..I believe!
Thank you DJ,
Maybe this update was more efficient? My personality generators (13) that included timing are not working like they did b4 the update. I will try to adjust? I know, appreciate, and understand how much you advance us on every update. Thank You again. Is there any way I can lock in a specific project to a specific version of EZB?
Steve S
Steve, thanks! There are no changes to the timing or personality generators. Only the list above has been affected.

As for your question regarding locking a project to an EZB... Can you be more specific? I do not understand the question
Great to see more changes DJ i see you been very busy making a lot of great updates.
Thank you DJ 4 responding,
I look forward and appreciate all of the new advacements of new EZB versions. We make such great strides with every new release. My question, would there be a way to save specific old robot projects, to a version of EZB prior to Release 2013.06.15.00 ? My old project would operate without modifications with the old version of EZB and I could advance my robot with new releases and modifications. I understand I would have to have muliple versions of EZ Builder on my PC. The Bottom line is, I am delighted to have found EZ Robot, purchased such a great product, and built such an amazing new robot with my 2 EZ Robot kits.
It is just an idea.
Thank You,
Steve S
Thanks for the kind words steve:)

The newer versions of the EZ-Builder software will not change your older project files. Also, a newer EZ-Builder project will work with older EZ-Builder also.

What kind of project modifications are you finding that need to be done when you upgrade?