ARC Release 2012.09.07.00

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Robots Walk! Robots Dance! Robots Crawl! Robots now have Auto Positioning:)

This release introduces a new control for servo Auto Positioning. Using waveform and data interpolation calculations, servos are adjusted in relation to each position. Multiple frames can be created and added to Actions. Now your Hexpods, Bipeds and other robot motions can be easily designed.

- New EZ-Script Command for Script Manager: ScriptStopAll
- Part 1 of emotions added to Personality Generator and new EZ-Script commands for SetEmotion
- AutoPosition Control
- Sound servo displays audio input when not connected to EZ-B
- Variables support text strings

Thank you for the ScriptStopAll
United Kingdom
What a great release thank you
What a great upgrade! Thanks
I was wondering, is there a way to achieve something such as "scriptstoall" with one or two exceptions so one or two other scripts can still be running?