Release 2012.09.07.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

Robots Walk! Robots Dance! Robots Crawl! Robots now have Auto Positioning:)

This release introduces a new control for servo Auto Positioning. Using waveform and data interpolation calculations, servos are adjusted in relation to each position. Multiple frames can be created and added to Actions. Now your Hexpods, Bipeds and other robot motions can be easily designed.

- New EZ-Script Command for Script Manager: ScriptStopAll
- Part 1 of emotions added to Personality Generator and new EZ-Script commands for SetEmotion
- AutoPosition Control
- Sound servo displays audio input when not connected to EZ-B
- Variables support text strings

I cant wait until I get home and update to this release!
Glad to have you back with us. Way to go. You remind me of my dog that once disappeared and came back with puppies!

:D :D
You are always one step ahead of me (well, except for the suggestions I made that you said you would do and haven't yet, like video and movement on the same web page...).

Just this morning, I was looking at the 6 servo arm in your shop and thinking how cool it would be to be able to slowly execute position changes while recording and turn that into a script for doing the same movements repeatedly (in my case, picking up cat toys and putting them in a basket on the front of the bot to bring them back to me so I can throw them again, since the cat won't learn to fetch...).

This solution is exactly what I need to achieve it.

New Zealand
Dropped everything and came straight home... I feel like a kid in a candy shop... robot operated of course!
Autoposition is just what I needed! SetEmotion...cant wait until we get the rest.
Thank you for the ScriptStopAll
United Kingdom
What a great release thank you
What a great upgrade! Thanks
I was wondering, is there a way to achieve something such as "scriptstoall" with one or two exceptions so one or two other scripts can still be running?