Windows/android Release 2014.05.24.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This is a real big update to EZ-Builder. It includes support for the new EZ-Bit v2 format, which is more memory efficient. Sadly, previous EZ-Bits are not supported in this latest version. This also updates the audio codec for the EZ-B v4 with a higher compression without quality loss. Any existing Sound Board EZ-B v4 controls will require the files to be re-added to your project.

Also, good news for the 3D Printer Community - the production design files of Revolution Robots are now included in the EZ-Cloud and supported by this version. When you load a revolution robot, you will be prompted to sync the library for the required design files.


- memory efficient enhancements

- GUI and 3D Designer performance enhancements

- EZ-Bit v2 support with all production 3D printable design files

- New Audio Codec with higher lossless compression

- Bug fix for the Auto Position Control not saving servo port changes or allowing delete

- Many GUI enhancements

- Fix for EZ-Script i2cRead() command
South Africa
I will download it when my computer comes back from repairs.Is there any chance ARC will be compatible with a Mac or iOS device in the future
Awesome as usual... But I do have a feature request.... Can you add wings to the next version of the ezb? Canada Post seems to have lost its abilities to delivery packages. What should have been a 1-3 day shipment from Calgary to Ontario is now heading on 2 weeks... You guys shipped my order on May 15 and according to Canada post tracking it currently is still sitting in Calgary's postal outlet.... With wings maybe the ezb can deliver itself....:P
Hello, Is there a update planned to object recognition? Work well with one object, but when there is more, the object recognized is not the good object and it's impossible to delete a object memorized.
Your enhancements as usual are wonderfully exciting. I may not be into the 3D printing but you seem to always throw in something that others need or want. I'm truly amazed at how this platform keeps getting better and better.

I fear that someday in the not distant feature it will become a conscious entity. "Dave?, Dave?......... What are you doing Dave?" *eek*

(Come on, I know you all know what movie that's from);)

Happy building everyone and Thanks as always @DJ,
Open the pod bay doors please Hal.... I am sorry Dave, I am afraid I can't do that...:P
I see there is still a tab for V3 Bodies in the Design section. Will you be re-adding these to the library or will I have to make my own bits using the stl files. (I have most of them saved, if any one should happen to need them feel free to hit me up.) My printers been down for a few weeks and I've kind of put fixing it on the back burner. These files are sort of the kick in the pants I've been waiting for to order the part and sit down to fix it.

Thanks again EZ-Robot. You guys are awesome.
We do not have any immediate plans to create EZ-Bit bodies for the 3D Designer to be 3D Printed.
That's cool DJ. I can re-make the V3 Body EZ-Bits as needed. Thanks for the response.:)