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  • 2014-11-23 - connected ARC to the cloud
  • 2018-01-26 - used the Bing Speech Recognition to convert spoken speech into text
  • 2018-08-27 - used the Cognitive Emotion Service to have a robot detect your emotion
  • 2018-08-27 - used Cognitive Face Service to have your robot learn and remember faces
  • 2018-08-27 - used the Cognitive Vision Service to have the robot describe what it sees
  • 2018-08-27 - used Cognitive Text Sentiment Service
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Good Evening, I Dont Know I

Good evening, I dont know if its possible, I use a SARAH framework with plugins with a Dictionnary plugin that parse my answer. It works perfectly and I get my answer. I created a script that I named dico that I would like to launch with an HTTP request and a ControlCommand.  But here is my question: You will understand, instead of voiture I would...

Http Server Question With É

Hello, after several tests and with 2 PCs (Windows 10, 32 bits and 64 bits in French), I have this bug with accents. I also tried with PandoraBot and SynBot. é is replaced by ? The Http server page doesnt recognize them. If I say "Quelle est ta date de naissance" it works. But I have this answer "Je suis n? le 7 d?cembre...
Question With Synbot

Question With Synbot

Hi @Jlucben, I used Program O with AIML (because it work with french language) but I am interested by Synbot. I installed the plugin and followed the tutorial for the installation...

Voice Communication With ARC And A Framework

Hello, I use to communicate with ARC, SARAH framework (NodeJs). Through this framework I use the grammar of an XML file which uses Windows Speech recognition and for more specific words such as research on wikipedia I use api speech Google. I use this way of keywords, for exemple: Victor turn left, Victor can you turn left ?, Victor I want you turn...

Pandorabots Update

Hello, is that an update is planned for the new website of pandorabots? The new Bot Id is different and will not work. The old site is still operating but it will close one day. Thanks
Need A Wifi Microphone

Need A Wifi Microphone

Hello, I need a wifi microphone and I dont know which to choose and above what results. Do you have some suggestions? I want to put it in my robot. I used a mini-ITX board (Ive...

An Update For Object Recognition

Hi! I know I already asked the question. But is there an update planned for object recognition? Work well with one object, but when there is more, the object recognized is not the good object and the most important its impossible to delete an object memorized. Be a shame that it remains in this state because there is a great potential. Thanks.

How To Gradually Increase And Lower The Value Of Pwm

Hello, I would like to gradually increase and lower the value of PWM. Does anyone know how to do? thank you

Mininowboard Max For Embedded System

Hello, do you think this can be an interesting alternative to cards mini itx for a embedded system? I saw that we could install Windows 8.1 on an SSD with this board. What do you think about this?

Chainable Rgb Led Help

Hello, I bought 2 Grove - Chainable RGB LED. I connect to the I2C port, but they dont work properly. They light up, but as soon as I move a slider to change color nothing happens and the bluetooth connection is lost. I use BlinkM module. Is it a problem of compatibility? Thanks

Http Server Commands

Hello, Id like to know how to run a script using HTTP Server. I know that for direction I write this: or Is there a list of the commands available with Http Server? Thanks

Pandorabots Server Crash

Hi, I noticed that the Pandorabots servers crashes too often. Its a shame because it offers a lot of possibilities with ARC. Is that in a future version of ARC AIML files could be used locally and not on a server ? Thank you

Bug With Windows Speech Recognition Macros

Hello, I have a bug since I installed Windows Speech Recognition Macros that I had not before. When I want to use speech recognition to ARC, I get this message: Voice recognition was not able to start. There is either no listening device or the your operating system is not supported. My other voice recognition programs work well. I use Windows 8,...

Motherboard Mini Itx At4nm10-I Dead

EZ-board and ARC + L.U.C.I.A. (my french speech project with SR, TTS, reader rss and Aiml) + face recognition = motherboard mini itx AT4NM10-I dead :( . My processor running at 100% and is dead. Well, my birthday is June 7. Please Darling offers me a new motherboard. :D I search a mini itx board with a dual core. What do you advise?

Speech Recognition And Rss Feed

Hi, I have a little subject. In a future update, would it be possible to use the speech recognition to request weather, news, reading email or read an RSS feed ? I saw this with Processing and i think its interesting. Thanks
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