Windows/android 2015.02.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Fixed object in use elsewhere error from:

- New window will display the size breakdown of a project (can be accessed by the Project Details menu or the Save To EZCloud menu)

- added HTTP StartServer ControlCommand() fix

- ControlCommand now takes $variable as parameter

- updated roli project with accurate frames for dance routine
Not a complaint and I know it was not listed, but video recording still does not work.
Justin, it's being worked on:)
Thanks DJ for the fixes, especially the " in use elsewhere@ bug!

on this item
- ControlCommand now takes $variable as parameter

can you expand on this? Does the variable have to be named $variable or can any variable be passed into the ControlCommand?

Also, does this variable have to include all of the text for the ControlCommand?

Which is correct?

ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", $variable) with $variable being set to "Track_0"

Or does it work like this

ControlCommand($variable) with $variable being set to the value of "Soundboard v4, Track_0"?

I cant seem to get the first one to work with a variable name of $SongID and the second one I haven't tried yet because it doesn't seem to me like this is what is intended.


It has to contain the command that it would expect. If it expects "Track_0", then you will need to have your $variable contain the text "Track_0"

A $variable stores information, such as numbers or words. They are used as placeholders for the actual information that is stored. This allows you to change the value of the $variable (placeholder) anywhere in the program and have that value used when ever the $variable is displayed.

The $variable does not need to be written as "$variable". It can be written as $x, $banana, or even $chicken.

As an example for your inquiry, you would provide text... such as:


$x = "Track_0"

ControlCommand("Soundboard", $x)

I have attached a sample project which demonstrates how to do what you are asking: aa0.EZB
Thanks DJ. It is as I expected. Opening your project now to see why mine isnt working.

Have a great day!
Your project worked great. I am tracking down why mine isnt working.

Thanks DJ
Im sorry about that. I had to put increase my sleep command a bit. It wasnt getting the variable set from the database before trying to run the ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", $SongID) command. DJ, I know you're busy. Sorry to waste your time on a silly issue, but thank for you help. It works great.
DJ, I am still getting the Sound Servo: Object In Use Elsewhere errors. I don't even need to be making sounds, just going to the virtual desktop (desktop 2) that has the sound servo object will start the errors. Also still getting the "Joystick Already in use" error, but I am not sure if you had tried to fix that one or not.

I un-installed, rebooted, and re-installed, but still seeing the errors.

If you think it might be project related, my project is on the cloud "myroli-mkii".

Let me know if you need any other information.

I'll look at your priject Alan