Windows Release 2015.07.06.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Update awesome update to the object learning and tracking vision module. This new enhanced implementation includes a re-write of most of the vision system. All issues with incorrect objects being detected have been resolved. There is also a huge performance increase and accuracy increase in detecting objects that have been trained.

- EZ-Script bug fix with two or more comments canceling each other out on a single line of code
Ok this is really too good to be true? No more lugging around RoboRealm to get object recognition?.... For me this was something I really hoped you would get back to when you had the time.... Fantastic thanks!
DJ, Thank you for this. As Richard has stated, it makes one of the features of RoboRealm less important and is a great move forward with vision processing on ARC. Your work to improve ARC is very much appreciated.
Thanks! Hope you like it:)

The "delete" button for learned objects doesn't work, yet... hopefully soon
Nice! Nothing but good things in this release. Although the tracking advance is huge and I'll soon understand how huge when I start using it more, I'm really going to enjoy the fix on the two comments canceling each other out. Thanks!:D
I just gave it a try and trained my face and a green ball and it does work better! :)
Good job DJ!
After using the camera, when I click on Stop, the app freezes. No error, it just freezes. It did it three times and with a webcam. I'll reboot and let you know if it continues.
What settings do you have enabled in the camera control? If you can share your project, that will be useful.
No time to test, but yippie! Nice going!
I have it set to tracking custom objects. It works fine until I tell the camera to stop then the app freezes and the camera device remains on (green light is on on the webcam). I can start the camera control with no tracking and no objects trained and the same thing happens when I click on stop.

Attached is a picture of what happens after I click Stop for the camera control.
User-inserted image

Here is the project file.

The web camera is a WinBook DC-6120 USB webcam. Never had an issue with it in ARC until now.

I did reboot my system. My system is an HP desktop Win8.1, 24gb GBram
Strange / I'm unable to reproduce that experience - and no code connecting the start/stop feature had been modified in the last release. It may be an unstable issue isolated to the hardware or drivers on your PC. I'll keep an eye out for something related.
I have been also playing with the new object rec and I also have no issues starting and stopping the camera...

@Dj The object recognition is way better.... Dude, you know I am you biggest fan... so I am going to say this from a dumb a** user point of view... it's almost there... I rarely have any incorrect recognitions, but I do have issues with it actually starting recognition... A lot of the time I will hold an trained object up and nothing happens... It is as if object recognition was unchecked even though I did check it to engage it...

Anyway, this was just a test without perfect lighting and a non-cluttered background... and I haven't tweaked anything.... Which I realize will seriously screw the results... I will optimize when I have some more time and compare the difference...
Ok, with more tweaking it is working much better... @DJ 100% better...:)
For object recognition, when training an object you need to rotate the object slightly in different angles and directions slowly - otherwise the software will only recognize it as the object is exactly reproduced.

There is a question mark next to the LEARN SELECTION button in the camera control. If you hover over it, there will be instructions on how to train an object.