Windows Release 2015.05.02.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- Added support for Lidar-Lite over i2c interface:

- Fix for mobile interface builder servo Slide which was missed in last update
Just like that... support for the lidar lite.... That is awesome @DJ.... Now I have an excuse to buy one after my next credit card payment....
Nice one, thanks for fixing the server slide it works like a dream!.
Thanks much in advance DJ! I'm eagerly checking my mail every day waiting for mine with the slip ring to arrive. Now I won't have to Jerry rig it.

My existing laser is too powerful:

Bill, is that for real?! Lol!
Yes. 150Watts real! It easily burns through rocks. It turns them into glass and sand.

It's lots of fun but something I've studied for dozens of hours so as to not win the Darwin Award, electrocute, blind, or burn holes through anyone.

I'm using it for some graphene supercap experiments based on this study at Rice U:

Graphene Research at Rice U
is that ever neat! I've never seen a laser that powerful in person before. real cool
@Bill, whatever you do... don't tell Nomad where you got the laser... otherwise you'll read in the news tomorrow that there was a 4 alarm blaze in Nomad's apt complex ...:P

Nomad wanted one a few months back so he could shoot balloons with it....:P
Thanks DJ and that's one wicked laser

Let's tell Nomad it's CG; that the cooling system for a laser that powerful would require a liquid nitrogen tank larger than a 4 story building. Then we can point him to this 5 watt IR laser diode that could still burn eyes and wood with an invisible beam. The potential damage would then be contained within his walls.:)

5 Watt Laser Diode

So even if you're one of us who grew up playing with fire and explosives by age 5 and lived past age 8, still read up on all the dos and don'ts with these devices. One dangerious thing about UV lasers is that lots of surfaces of materials are mirrors to them without even being shiney.



there are more then one negatif things about lazer and eyes.
i bin blind for 4 weeks and i can tell you,you cant and have nothing,
in life when you loose your eyes to see.

its fun to see but i wouldn made a topic how to make it.
nothing persenal