Windows Release 2015.03.12.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- All controls inherit a new template which disposes resources more efficiently

- auto save servo profile locally when loaded from EZ-Cloud

- removed CompassTurn, CompassForward because they were not modular to work with new ez-bit hardware (ie HMC5883)

- added HMC5883 Compass Control (

- error handling when deleting EZ-Cloud files and there's a network issue

- EZ-Cloud save file estimated size updated when images are modified
Error to what link are you receiving?
my impatience, its working now I was the compass link. sorry
@leversofpower Soon to be in the ez robot online store along with other new sensors...
DJ have you fixed the radar problem where its scaled from 0 to 100 degrees rather than 0 to 180?