Windows 2014.04.06.00

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This update release of ARC for Windows includes a few updates and enhancements. In particular, there is a new control for the WowWee MIP Robot, and many new ControlCommand() for that robot as well. This new control works with the EZ-B V4 - and is the first control to use the UART Peripheral Expansion Port.

- Added support for Wowewee mip
- updated scripting manual for examples about assigning commands to variables (i.e. ReadADC())
- fix for uartWrite() which is compatible with the new ez-b v4 protocol
- Control changes for RGB Eye Module, which will be on the store soon
That's a cool little robot. However looks like MIP's in Pre-order status also.
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Good news on the script manual changes, I had noticed a lot of questions about "command doesn't exist" etc. lately so hopefully that'll solve that one:)
Thank you DJ for your updates...and yeah MIP is very cute! RGB Eye Module ? are you talking something similar to the BlinkM?
found the update.does this means maybe robome will also updated.:D
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RGB Eye Module is the Eye LEDs for JD. Multiple LEDs which can be sequenced. I haven't really looked in to them and I don't know if much info is released about them but they are 9 RGB LEDs per eye which can run patterns etc.

They are shown on the JD videos doing some sequences.
It's like a blinkm, but on steroids. It's like 18 blinkm's. And it's generally just awesomer because it's an eZrobot creation:D
This should be a simple question

I have installed this version of ARC and now get an "Invalid EZ-Robot OS Version" error message when trying to connect.
I cannot find any instructions on how to upgrade the EZ-Robot OS on the web site. Can someone point me in the right direction?
You need to install your old version of ARC through Windows control panel. After that's done install the new version. That should hopefully do it.
Didn't the last update also have the firmware update? You may need to update the firmware.
Yes, it should have the latest upgrade utility for the ezb board as well. (I believe it is 16.4).... the upgrade utility should be in the same folder on your pc that ARC is in...
Can you please screenshot or write the entire description of the Pop Up Windows that is displayed when you attempt to connect to the EZ-B v3? I am quite sure it says this...

msg += "Invalid EZ-Robot OS Version. Please Upgrade." + Environment.NewLine;
msg += string.Format("EZ-B Reports v{0}. This copy of ARC requires v{1}", _firmwareResponse, REQUIRED_FIRMWARE) + Environment.NewLine;
msg += Environment.NewLine;
msg += "Would you like to view the help tutorial with instructions on how to upgrade the EZ-Robot OS?";

And you will be presented with a Yes or No option. If you press the YES option, a video step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the upgrade process.

Here is the video tutorial for the upgrade that you will find if pressing YES