Release 2018.01.15.00

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- implemented OCR reading in cognitive vision control

- Cognitive Emotion and Cognitive Vision are included as standard controls in ARC (no longer plugins). Plugins are deprecated

- ControlCommands() can enable/disable active status of camera's trained objects. Look at Cheat Sheet for camera control to see how (

- scripting engine uses 64 bit decimal instead of 32 bit double to avoid scientific view of large numbers (

- updated PandoraBots to not have audio input because it didn't work very well. Now it is up to programmer to send ControlCommand() from another speech recognition, such as Bing Speech Recognition
Great release. Thanks!
Thank You DJ !
This is awesome.
Post a question one day, have an update the next. No other software can boast that!
Yes, very nice to get immediate changes. There was something in this one for me too. I really like being able to pose questions to DJ and getting immediate feedback. That will keep me a money spending customer (ehem Lidar, ehem, already budgeted for it)
Can I ask what OCR reading is? Thanks
**** just googled... optical character reading. Sorry guys