Release 2017.05.28.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- AutoPosition Movement Movement Panel Control now supports speed for directions (forward, left, right, reverse). The speed is a modifier for Delay and Steps. The modifier can be found in the frame list associated with an action. Edit the frame within a movement action and the modifier is viewable. The modifier values have question marks for assistance

- JD and Six projects contain movement frames supporting speed (forward, left, right, reverse)

- JD project has joystick in mobile interface which supports speed

- RoboScratch ACTION block has "forever" option, which runs the action in the background

- RoboScratch forward/left/right/reverse have speed values when Auto Position Movement Panel is used

- Cheat Sheet displays CloseControl() with ShowControl() options

- Mobile Interface Editor has a new object titled "Back Button". Which essentially is a CloseControl(). If a back button is added to a mobile UI, the automatic transparent back button is not displayed. I.E. adding this object to a mobile interface overrides the automatic back button

*note: If you receive an error during upgrade, uninstall ez-builder, reboot and install this update.

The install package is broken, no ARC.exe.
I had to rerun the install and tell it to repair. Everything worked after that.
I'm having the same problem... I get an app called EZ-B Emulator instead of the EZ-B Builder app
User-inserted image

When I tried to repair, I got this error
User-inserted image

Did you uninstall and re-install?

You may have to uninstall before installing. There's new files and a few changes to the application, so maybe the windows installer program isn't handling the changes well. That'll happen with Microsoft products sometimes:)
The uninstall and then install work for me... Thanks

Just for interest, here is the Windows 10 version I'm running
User-inserted image