Release 2016.11.07.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.

This is a pretty big release update, as it includes a significant rewrite of the EZ-Script parser. I've ran a kabazillion use-case tests, which means it should be okay. If not, let me know what experiences you have:)

For example, you can do some pretty bizarre things with escape characters now...





$p = "abc\"de(f$l" + "gh\"ij"


$p = $p + "af(d\"sfE22 $p(" + $p


# array

definearray($array, 10)
$array[0] = "hello"
$array[1] = "\""
$banana = $array[0] + $array[1]


# new line

$popper = "hello\r\nWorld"


FileWrite("c:\temp\rest.txt", $popper)

$line1 = split($popper, "\r", 0)

$line2 = split($popper, "\r", 1)

Secondly, there's a re-write for continuous rotation servos to include speed control. This means your Continuous rotation Movement Panel will be slightly different, now including two speed dials for each wheel.

The mobile interface includes a joystick and servo pad as well, which won't be viewable on your mobile devices until both Android and iOS have been approved by the respective AppStores (1 or 2 days)

User-inserted image


- fix Parenthesis in string error. If a string contained something like "Hello(" it would return an error because the parser thought Hello( was to be a function

- latest EZ-Script compiler that supports escaped characters of \" \r \n and fixes a bunch of things like "df()" and "E22"

- servo Pad uses a joystick control in mobile

- new mobile control for Joystick with analog speed adjustment for movement controls that support speed

- speed control for continuous rotation servos and the respective movement panel

- Updated JD, Roli & AdventureBot projects to use latest Mobile Interface Joystick control

- New EZ-Script command: MAP() which will make an input value to a specific range
That's what I'm talking about!
Analog sticks, and some pretty serious code interface. I am impressed!

Thank you!
It works great! I've been playing with Roli and AdventureBot using their new apps that have the new analog joystick. Pretty slick.

The iOS and Android apps have both been submitted for approval. Now we wait... it can take 1-2 days (although we've seen 3-5). At that point, i'll update the apps for JD, Six, Roli, and AdventureBot in the AppStore.
Waw, I'm excited to find out about the joysticks. I'll run a few tests during the coming Chrismas holidays, not as many a kabazillion, just a few will be enough I guess.
Android version posted to Google Play this morning.

If you have trouble installing it, uninstall the version on your phone and re-install. I had an issue, but it may be related to a problem I am having with my phone that I know I can fix with a factory reset, just delaying it until I have a day to re-install and re-configure all of my apps.

Way to go DJ! Great update.
Both iOS and android mobile apps are available for download - although it can take a few hours or a day to migrate to your country/regional servers
I really appreciate the change of adding speed sliders to the continuous motion servo panel.

I think making this the default Movement Panel is a great idea for new users of adventure bot

Nice work!

Okay - mobile software has been updated on respective Android and iOS stores. The projects have been updated and so has this latest ARC. Everything should be in sync if you have updated all devices
just to let you know that the Windows Apps store is still dispensing 2016.10.18.00 but that is OK as that version offers an update to the current version

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@DJ Sures
Thanks for the analog joystick feature on Mobile. Makes driving my Adventure Bot a lot more smooth.

Just to clarify. is it true that this works with the Continuous servo Movement Panel, but NOT the Custom Movement Panel?

Not a complaint, I just want to clarify

Thanks again,
It works with any control that has a SPEED parameter.

If you use the custom movement panel, you are responsible to create code for the movements. Your code can (if you wish) use the speed value. It's up to your code if you wish to use the speed values.

You can choose how to incorporate speed control in your code and get the current speed using the available functions..


GetSpeed( )
Returns the global Movement Speed value
Speed is between 0 and 255
The speed can be viewed in the Script Variable Viewer
Example: $x = GetSpeed()

GetSpeedLeft( )
Returns the global Movement Speed value of Left wheel
Speed is between 0 and 255
The speed can be viewed in the Script Variable Viewer
Example: $x = GetSpeedLeft()

GetSpeedRight( )
Returns the global Movement Speed value of Right wheel
Speed is between 0 and 255
The speed can be viewed in the Script Variable Viewer
Example: $x = GetSpeedRight()