Release 2015.04.13.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- New EZ-Script editor that is much prettier and easier to use with syntax highlighting and code folding

- "Control Details" tab is now renamed to "Cheat Sheet"

- Font size settings in the EZ-Script editor

- Code Collapsing in editor. This means loops, such as Repeat, RepeatWhile, and RepeatUntil have collapsible views

- certain commands have different colors, which will make editing code much easier to read

- soundboard displays associated scripts in color

- color added to connection buttons

- servo Panic Release button added to Auto Position controls
Is it just my system or is the Fount really tiny now? If it's not me how can I get the font back to the size it was before? I cant hardly see it. Also when I start typing in a command and the pop up suggestion list appears the list items are folded on top of each other so I can only see half is each item. Again, is this my computer? I'm running Win8 on a high def touchscreen HP Envy laptop. *confused*

Here's a snip of what I see now:

User-inserted image
Dave, I'm running Win 8.1 and do see the smaller print but don't get the half sentences that your picture shows.

User-inserted image
Strange - windows resolutions and dpi are all over the place...

I'll take a peak and see what I can do:D

Dave gets half sentences because he's running a higher dpi outside of the windows standard. Pretty much all of ARC will behave a little funny with a higher dpi, but that's how windows works:(

More information here:
okay I added a font size option in the editor for dave

User-inserted image
Now that's a large font lol. I laugh but in reality with my aging eyes it looks good! Ha.
Okay this thread is now about the 2015.04.13.00 update rather than the 2015.04.12.00
Thanks, those are excellent features I have been wishing for for a long time.
Lol! Now that is what I call customer service! I take back what I was thinking about EZ Robot, "They only care about the young robot builder ". You really do care about us old guys. :D

Really, I have always known that and do appreciate your work to make sure that this is fun and easy for us all. Even EZ to see. ;) Thanks so much.
OK, I changed my resolution to 1600x900 and adjusted a few font sizes and everything flattened out nicely. Thanks again!
Thanks DJ,

Looks great and the panic button is a nice simple solution to prevent robots from knocking holes in walls. My wife will thanks you too.:)

PS. I'll give my left little finger for that I2C 6 DOF IMU you demonstrated about a month ago. I'm assuming if it were available it would be listed under sensors in the store?