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This ARC update introduces a fantastic new feature to extend single scripts for event triggers. Until now when an event was triggered, it would execute only a single script command. Now you can add multiple scripts to a single command. Keep in mind, these are still "Event Triggers" and not complete scripts. This is how event trigger programming works in software - while a trigger is executing, it blocks all other commands until it has completed. This means you should not perform time intensive commands (i.e. loops and waits, etc).

- All Event Triggers now support multiple EZ-Script lines
- SendSerial() command no longer disconnects EZ-B if more than 9 characters are sent

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If I send this:

SendSerial(D13, 9600, "1234567890123456")

I get an output of this:

@Lumpy does it disconnect?

If it does not disconnect, then all characters are being sent. It is impossible for that to be an issue.
On the second send it will disconnect on me.

I've rebooted, .Net was just updated the other day.
If i only send 8 characters I can send it multiple times with no problems.

If I add in a 9th character it will send once, then on the second or third
send it disconnects.
@DJ - I can now send a max of 13 characters before the EZ-B will lockup. My Script is:

SendSerial(D3, 9600, "sHello Charle", 0x0d)

If I add to the script:

SendSerial (D3, 9600, 0x0D)
SendSerial(d3, 9600, "sHello Charle",0x0d)

It causes the EZ-B to lockup, blue light does not come on anymore and the red BT light starts blinking.

Is there anything else you want me to try with this? I am wondering if I need to add a resistor to it.

This is also happening on the Serial LCD module I have.
You do not need to add a resistor. I cannot reproduce these errors on any of our computers. I'll try looking at it later - i'm driving blind.
I can make a vid?
@DJ - okay, I appreciate it. Thank You
@Lumpy seeing the failure won't help. It's about watching the insides of windows:)
No problem. Just trying to help.

To brighten your day!

Lumpy! Yes, that did it:D you rock
@DJ, not that this will help with the troubleshooting, but I can confirm that it is not an isolated incident with @Charleybot or @Lumpy... nor does it seem to be related to hardware attached to the EZ-B. I set up a script with the following;


SendSerial(d7, 9600, "123456789")
I used D7 that has nothing attached to it.

After the 3rd time running the script my EZ-B locked up, blue LED went out and while my auto-connect script kept trying to do its thing, and it showed such with the red LED, I had to power off and back on the EZ-B before I could reconnect. ARC does not appear to lock up, just the EZ-B.

Hope this helps.

Oh, also, I am using latest version ARC 2012-11-18
@DJ, here is another tidbit that actually might help... if I keep on manually running the above script, sometimes I see all my connected servos jump just a bit even if the EZ-B does not lock... but inevitably it will lock.
Hi DJ,

Thanks for the good work. Our bot is nearly completed. The main thing that has us stopped dead-in-our-tracks is the loss of camera resolution. We lost glyph detection range by a factor of 10. Any ideas? different camera? ...

Thanks again
Hello @DJ, Did you get a chance to check out the servo release issue I had mentioned a couple of releases back, wherein when using Server/Client any servo release command on the Client (Remote) resulted on the Server (EZ-B) side's matching servo going to 100?

I ask because now I see that in this version a Client side release command always sends its matching Server side's servo to the opposite extreme 1 instead of the 100 of all prior tests (assuming the invert is not on at the Server end... in fact the invert switch setting on the Client does not carry over to the Server anyhow).

Either way, a release all command tends to cause all sorts of havoc on the robot:)

Doesn't matter which PC is the server or client. All other servo and PWM controls seem to work fine.

Thank you.
@DJ - I was just wondering if you had a chance to figure out what was going on with the SendSerial issue with using strings? I have made a temp workaround for the time being by using another pic chip that talks directly to the EMIC2 board and the LCD but would prefer not having to add another pic.