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I2c Compass/Accelerometer Lsm303dlh Help

Hi, I've been playing around with this sensor and I haven't had any luck getting it to work with EZ-Builder. The Script I am using is this: I2CStart() I2CRestart() I2CWrite(0x3C) //write mag I2CWrite(0x30) //Select register OUT_X_L_M I2CStart() I2CReStart() I2CWrite(0x3D) //read mag I2CRead(Auto,8) Even though I get a reading, it never changes I...
Sendserial Question?

Sendserial Question?

Hi, I was just testing a couple serial lcd's as well as a few other serial devices I have and using ez-script I have the following: SendSerial(d15,38400,"Hello") I get an error...

Multiple Ez-Robot's Can Get You Into Trouble!

Hello! Since I started with the EZ-Robot controller, it's given me tons of ideas, a whole new outlook on robotics, and seeing what others are doing with the controller is really something! For years I used to make prototype robots for people as a hobby(nothing special, just proof of concept type stuff) and I had stopped because all of the things of...
Roomba Discovery 4200 Series?

Roomba Discovery 4200 Series?

Hello, I'm in the process of cleaning up my shop and I came across this Roomba that was given to me a while ago, the guy who gave it to me said that he had bought...

Faster Sonar Ping Interval Possible?

Hello, I've been working with a few different types of sonar modules, the Parallax Ping, the SRF04 and the SRF05 and in EZ-Builder using either the radar scan, distance, or collision detection the "ping" interval can only be set from 100ms all the way up to 60000, is there a way to set it lower to say 20 or even 10? I also noticed that the distance...

12Vdc Motor Controller Suggestions?

Hello! Long story short(trust me the long version would put most people to sleep) I just got my EZ-Robot kit in this afternoon and after playing around with the different options/hardware(I feel like a kid with a new toy!) I am having a problem. I am trying to control a custom built robot I have which uses two 12vdc motors, 5amp each max draw. I...
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