Release 2012.08.07.00

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Software Information
This fantastic release of ARC includes many new add-ons to make scripting even more powerful! Comfortable with the simplicity of EZ-Script and do not have the time to learn C# or VB? We now introduce variables, math and new commands into EZ-Script!

- Variable Support
- Math Support
- Variable Watch Control
- Optimized camera support for slower CPU's
- New EZ-Script Control Command: ScriptStartWait
- New EZ-Script Command: Print()
- New EZ-Script Command: Halt()
- EZ-Script GOTO() stack increased
- New EZ-Script Command for Roomba Control: Roomba()
- More Examples within EZ-Builder->File->Examples

Variable Examples


# Move a servo slowly in increments of 10
# from position 10 to 90

$position = 10


servo(d1, $position)

print("Position: $position")



$position = $position + 10

if ($position > 90)


Say("I'm Done counting!")


# Simple demonstration of variable usage
# All variables must be assigned before
# being used in a function

say("I'll do some math for you")

$y = 5

$x = 5 + 3 + $y

servo(d1, $x)

say("X equals $x")


# This script will read the position of
# the servo on D1

$servo = GetServo(d1)

Say("Servo 1 is at position $servo")
I go on vacation and there are 3 big updates waiting for me! Awesome!

Is it possible to add ScriptStopWait as well?

I link to different scripts, starting and stopping many within Script Manager.

Sometimes scripts are not getting stopped and I have to currently add Sleep delays.
Could you add ScriptStopWait to overcome this?


Lumpy, no there isn't - script stop will stop - the issue you are experiencing has been addressed in the thread you started regarding it.