Release 2011.10.23.02

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- Can support 5 physical EZ-B Boards now:)

- Fixed a performance issue with serial and i2c connections

- For those with embedded PC's or Soundcards in their robot, there is a new control called Sound Movement which allows your robot to follow loud noises with stereo microphones

- New Control: Script Console. Access the scripting engine directly in real-time
Yay! I can implement this feature
User-inserted image

The sound movement
Cool mic! Visually appealing to take apart and stick on separately like you said.
Wouldn't this require two microphones to identify the direction?
Not if its already a stereo microphone....:) otherwise you would need to make a custom one
I'm confused by the timeline of this thread! ;-)
I left my helmet at home lumpy lets just say im slow sometimes:) just kidding. Gunner forwarded the link and I commented before I realized the date. Its still a awesome feature though.
LOL yeah this confused me too:D Way to go! You broke my brain