Android/windows Release 2014.12.23.00

Download and install the latest ARC robot programming software to experience these updates.


- allows importing the ez-robot image as a background from the Templates drop down for mobile interfaces

- Mobile Interface Builder includes new servo Control for moving servos

- uses image buttons for direction shortcuts in mobile interface rather than system buttons

- blur feature when editing images in mobile interface builder

- library of common icons for image buttons in mobile Interface Builder

- mobile interface no longer has a SAVE button when editing control attributes. It saves automatically

- myo 0.8.0 driver support

- Android App supports new Mobile Interface changes

Example of new Mobile Builder with the JD project. This example screenshot has servos configured for the joints so you can control the robot's joints in real-time. The buttons for movements are transparent PNG's which are included in the library. Also, when editing an image using the built-in editor, you can add a Blur effect to show that the button has been pressed.

Blur button pressed demo:
User-inserted image

Stopped button pressed demo:
User-inserted image
Thanks Dj
in the last minute downloaded previous version,so will download latest now
also notification that myo being shipped shortly.

I'm suprised you can do all of this in the span of a week or so:D

cool update though, this'll be great for me. no more being tethered to the giant desktop that I can't move away from:P

i cant see the mobile app from turtle?
on android.
@nomad can you explain what you said better? Who or what is turtle? Is that one of your projects you saved?

android app from dj calt turtle.i can see all other apps one android,
just not the turtle.

United Kingdom
If you can't find it in the android app just resave the PC version to your cloud and use that one...
Great! AutoSaving! Maybe I'll be a little more productive not having to redo everything 3 times.:D

i saved on pc.on android its just white page whit buttons.