Android/windows 2015.01.09.00

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- Preference option to force override of prompting for servo profiles on every project load

- servo fine tune uses Auto Position image and layout for servos. Much easier fine tuning interface. The old interface is still available with Advanced option

- Android version compiled with 4.0.3 SDK as a test hoping for device support of older devices

User-inserted image
the service one get from EZ Robot is unsurmountable
This one installed on me device and runs but it will not let me log in to my stuff at all says NameResolutionFailure when I click save on my account settings
sounds like you do not have a connection to the internet
i like this version very much.indeed so much easier and better.

Ok I got it working:D on one device @DJ Sures you was right some how my phone lost its connection

It was connected but not online