Sabertooth+Kagaroo+DC motors as Servos

Step 4 - Tuning

Now we have to say to the system where to start and finish the motor position.
There are many ways to do that. I chose the "teach mode"

The Kangaroo has a little push button near the yellow led. Push it with a small screwdriver until it gets blinking ONCE per second. This is teach mode.
Now, press and release it again. It will start to blink fast. This initiate the learning process.

Manually, move you motor shaft (that should be previously at center point) right to the ending point you want it to be (or, as many laps as you want it to do)
Move it reverse until the center point.
Move it the same way to the left (to the end point you want)
Move it Back to center point

Press and release the push button again to save it.

Now, let the Sabertooth do the job! Your motor will start to move, first slowly, then fast, from one side to other.
When the yellow led stops to blink, it means that the process is concluded.


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