Pandorabot tutorial

Step 8. Advanced response and actions.

Some of you may be aware that using "That" codes in a Pandorabot category, remembers your bots last response, or more specifically the last sentence of the response, which helps to carry on a conversation and keeps it on topic.

Now, if you put a ControlCommand() at the end of a bots response as we have done so far, this will be classed as the last sentence spoken by your bot. This can cause problems keeping the conversation on topic and with other responses that uses the same ControlCommand() at the end of them. But there is a very simple solution to avoid this. Simply put your EZ Script or ControlCommand() "in front" of the bots response in your bots brain files, instead of at the end of it. Doing this works exactly the same way and avoids any problems using the code.

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If you have a bots response that only contains a script or ControlCommand() (as mentioned in step 7) then you should avoid using "That" codes for these responses.