Exosphere Telepresence

Loop the task

Once you disconnect from controlling the robot, the task will stop. You may wish to keep the task active for as long as your robot is online. To do this, we'll configure Exosphere to launch a countdown timer to relaunch the task every time.

10 Task is created 20 Remote operator controls robot 30 Remote operator disconnects from robot 40 Exosphere executes TASK COMPLETED script which instructs another script to START 50 Script counts down from 10 every second 60 Script instructs Exosphere to start a task 70 goto 10

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  1. Add a SCRIPT robot skill. Top menu bar -> Project -> Add robot skill -> Scripts -> SCRIPT

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  2. Press CONFIG button on the script

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  3. Give the SCRIPT an appropriate name and add a count down code that launches the Exosphere task. Save this script setting.

print("Count down to start Exosphere task");

for (var x = 0; x < 10; x++) {

  print(10 - x);

// Make the robot speak for fun
Audio.say("Launching telepresence");

ControlCommand("Exosphere", "RequestTask", "My exosphere telepresence task");

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  1. Press the CONFIG button on the Exosphere robot skill

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  3. Put a ControlCommand in to instruct the Telepresence Start Script to start.

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Finished Now you have an infinite loop of telepresence.


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Great tut DJ! Will test it right away.


There's a fix in the latest ARC early access and update to the exosphere skill. They add two way telepresence audio that was apparently not working in the last version