Exosphere Telepresence

Test It

Now we'll create a task description and submit the task to Synthiam. This will make the task appear on the Synthiam website. If you added an access list, only the users added will be able to control the robot.

  1. Enter the description of the task. This can be something that you can identify what this robot is going to be doing via telepresence operation and press SUBMIT TASK User-inserted image

  2. On a different computer (or mobile device) than the robot, visit synthiam.com User-inserted image

  3. Press PRODUCTS -> Exosphere User-inserted image

  4. Your task will be listed. Press the CONTROL THIS ROBOT option User-inserted image

5) A new browser will will display the remote control options. Depending on how you configured the Exosphere robot skill, different scripts and settings will be available to you. User-inserted image

  1. View of the robot camera
  2. Analog joystick for driving the robot
  3. Any custom scripts that you have defined in the Exosphere robot skill
  4. If enabled, you may also type sentences and the robot will speak them


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Great tut DJ! Will test it right away.


There's a fix in the latest ARC early access and update to the exosphere skill. They add two way telepresence audio that was apparently not working in the last version