Display Popup Tutorial.

Step 4. Using Display with Pandorabots.

This example will display any spoken response from the Pandorabot control. More information on setting up and using the Pandorabot control in EZ Builder can be found by clicking on the link below...

Pandorabot Control Tutorial

1.) With a "Display Popup" control already added to your project, click "Project", "Add Control", "Audio", and "Pandorabot". Now click on the Pandorabot control configuration tab (small gear icon).

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2.) Double click on the click "Response Variable" command and copy it by holding down "CTRL" then pressing "C" on the keyboard. Then click on the "pencil" icon, on the "Response Script" field.

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3.) Right click to bring up the speech popup control commands, and click on

ControlCommand("Display Popup", Display, Text)

to add it to the script. What we do next is a little different to the last step where we added the robots response.

4.) Delete the word "Text" from the command, then in it's place, paste the "Response Variable". In front of the "$pandoraResponse" variable, add two speech marks and a plus sign so the ControlCommand() looks like the following...


ControlCommand("Display Popup", Display, ""+$pandoraResponse)

5.) Once done, click "Save to save the script, then Save again to save the control changes.

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6.) Now you're ready to test the display responses. Simply say or type in a phrase in to the Pandorabot control, and the robot should respond with a verbal response as well as displaying it in a text format.

User-inserted image


If you do not want your robot to respond to you with a verbal response, you can simply add another line of script to turn the speech volume down to zero...


ControlCommand("Display Popup", Display, ""+$pandoraResponse)

The next step covers another example of what you can display on the "Display Popup".


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