Display Popup Tutorial.

Step 2. Setup.

1.) Back on the ARC menu ribbon, click "Project" and "Add Controls" again.

User-inserted image

2.) On the "Add Control" menu, click on "Misc" and then select the "Display Popup" tab to add this to your project.

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3.) The new control for the display has three options... "Help", "Delete", and "Config". Click on the "Config" tab to open the controls menu.

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You will now be presented with six options...

Default Timeout: This is where you can choose the length of time (in seconds) to display the text popup before it closes.

Text Colour: Choose what colour you want the text to be.

Background Colour: Changes the background colour of the popup window.

Font: Change the text to
A choice of font, font styles, size, effects, and script.

Save and Cancel: Saves or cancels any recent settings changes made.

Now that we have our control set up, we now need to make it work. That's in the next step.