Display Popup Tutorial.

Step 3. Displaying your Robots Response.

To start with a simple example of how to display your robots response, we will use a simple line of script.

1.) From the ARC menu ribbon, click "Project", "Add Controls", "Scripting", and "EZ-Script". Once the script control has been added, click on the "Script Config" tab to open the script editor.

User-inserted image

2.) In the script text input field, right click to bring up the Cheat Sheet menu, click on "Display Popup" and select "ControlCommand("Display Popup", Display, Text)" command.

User-inserted image

3.) At the end of the ControlCommand() is the word "text". This is where we enter the robots response. Delete the word "Text" then add your robots response, making sure that it starts and ends with speech brackets as seen below. Then click "Save".

User-inserted image

4.) Now when you press "Start" on the displays control, the robots response will appear for the amount of time you set it for in the configuration menu. If you want to get rid of the display before the "timeout" has been reached, simply press a key on your keyboard or touchscreen.

User-inserted image

To get a little bit more advanced, the next step will show you how to display the robots text response from the "Pandorabot" control.


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