rover my first bot


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this is my first robot i mainly wanted it to just drive around the house as a scout then one of my modified servos went out striped a gear so its on to my next one the toy is called mega-byte and its about 14 inches tall i got it from the DI (LDS thrift store) for only three bucks what a steal
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With that the wires connecting the head light up the ears and on the tail has a spot light in it. The mouth opens and closes eyes close down head rotates front legs move a little bit but will make so they move enough to act like drinking water or to be able to pick small items up with mouth the back legs have tracks and front legs have swivel wheels on them the back legs are stationary but thinking about making them rotat so it can sit
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I am not sure if this has been said yet but welcome to the Forums! I hope you will benefit from joining the EZ-Robot community. You robot is looking great. Perhaps you should upload a video so we can see it working. Also, try to shorten your sentences. When they are five lines long they are a bit hard to follow and you forget what has been previously said. I hope it goes well
Welcome dude!! Those are wicked platforms to ez-b
The first bot pictured, is that a rad robot base painted black or a buster? Looked really cool
Oh ok , is it pretty loud , what measurements is it , thx