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Hello this guys, the above is my testing platform that I have been working on for the past two weeks or so. The only cool nerdy name I was able to come up with is R.A.I.D ( Robotic Artificial intelligence device.)

With the 4 D batteries, It is pretty heavy, walk to slow to roam around the house freely as a reasonable speed, So I added track wheels (Dagu Rover 5), awesome grip.

Need you guys opinion, should I take a step further and remove the Robosapien Legs to reduce weight? Also plan on replacing right arm with an actual robot arm.

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Im currently testing,, but will eventually harmount the body into the chassis debating on the legs leave it to preserve the humanoid look, chop it off to reduce weight?
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The Wire sticking out is for charging, currently working on a magnetic charging mod for the Rover chassisUser-inserted image

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Still packing and unpacking, haven't had time to. Hopefully my next week, my workstation will be up and running.
You opinion are always welcome @rich, my won't be call as jarvis (too common)but it related to my bot. Your right on topic.
YES we gone off topic about JARVIS ,and RICH is right about youtube they are very poor designs,but free

I only put the design up as a FREE software ,software you pay for is always better.

I love the most is testing each design to see its better or not

Mine is much much better ,will make a new thread for my design using eventghost ARC AND much better voice program i found.right now i downloaded it for 30 days it seems very good.

I only went off topic because PJ asked about the software.

Well back on topic PJ hope to see more improvements done you very cool R.A.I.D design

@PJ so you are using JAVIS on your R.A.I.D DESIGN that would be cool
PJ hows that idea i read about of you using magnetic charging design.

I Guess you mean coil in the robot bottom and another coil on the base and with simple osc design it charges the battery,the design is simple only DOESN'T charge the battery that great or fast and distance from coil yo coil makes a different too.

Now i am working on a design to make it much better ,it need a bigger amp design using a audio amp chip.

Little hard to explain without schematic,but kinda like a DC to AC inverter ,(battery backup inverter)
@PJ i dont know you heard how great eventghost is ,but i had it for a ling time and before EZB and besides controlling programs on your computer it can control anything in your house if you have the X10 SYSTEM,and now has support for EZB and a lot more.

One main reason is part of my JARVIS DESIGN
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@robotmaker, to save PJ's showcase going too far off topic can you make a new topic explaining EventGhost's EZ-B plugin, where to get it from, how it works and what it can do please? I'd be interested in knowing that since I am using EG in my Jarvis project and would rather not waste my time writing a plugin that already exists (yet isn't listed, mentioned or known about by the EG plugin developers). It'll also benefit many others since it will add in a level of control and integration that currently isn't possible, opening up so many other features that can be made or used.
ok,not going to argue yes or no on PJ FORUM i thought he said he is using JARVIS

SO next remark to me will leave alone so no problems,you to every post i do,can you please STOP

SORRY PJ it seems a another problem came up on yours,RICH loves to make comments on every post i ever made,he doesnt need too,let someone else make a comment please RICH and you dont see others do it ,so why you.
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You misunderstand, I had hoped it was explained clearly enough however perhaps not. I am requesting you post a new topic for the EG integration 1) to save PJs showcase becoming about Jarvis like systems and EG and 2) so people can find it. I am interested in this plugin and would like to know what you can tell us about it.

Nothing else was said other than that request, please do not kick off. I chose my words very carefully to avoid a reply like that and a response like this. I guess will have to email someone else in future to make my requests for me.

If you still do not understand the request please ignore this post and allow PJ's showcase to continue as before.
Lol its perfectly fine by me , I love nerd talks. To help others in the future lets open a new thread focus on mainly A.I, autonomous. Where everyone can pitch in ideas to create the ultimate Jarvis.
PJ you sound like great guy to know.

Yes will open a new thread on it,great idea of the software thats needed and hardware needed with a video on youtube also i will make.

RICH one last remark you said i understand you perfect .more then you think.
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Since PJ doesn't mind, please post information on the EG plugin you mentioned or at least where to get it from - it's not on the EG website. It will be a huge benefit to the community.
And again moving and work sucking up all my time. Give me until next week, we can put our head together and fabricate a fairly descent A.I minus the cheezy Jarvis wanna be. Start the new thread robotmaker, we will jump in.
I other projects working on ,may be RICH can make a AI POST and we can put our ideas up,seem fair.
BUT not shore if RICH will ideas be posted ,good or bad

WE need to be more like brothers and work together not fighting all the time.
RICH is on the EG website,when i post info will show where ,i guess you mean controlling X10 system ,that the easy part.
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My list is getting rather long with things that I need to do or finish such as the TellyMate tutorial that still needs a few commands explained and examples made, LiPo auto cut off circuit, 6V power board, Melvin, Jarvis, Ping Roam update to use left & right speeds for centering along corridors, new tutorials for other sensors and devices I have which haven't been covered (or don't have extensive help and guidance on them)... I could go on for a while. Not to mention life, work etc. I don't see me getting around to writing up my AI details and ideas for a long time. For the moment I'm only really interested in knowing where or how you got the EZ-B EG plugin for reasons already mentioned.

Also, please take the time to read posts properly. I made two very civil and polite posts in this topic of which you misread. I have no desire to waste time and effort arguing. It is not in my interests to argue with you and it certainly isn't in your interests. Also, please be aware of how some of your posts come across, your last one can be read as though you are claiming that there may be an issue of bad ideas should I join a discussion on AI which we all know is not the case.

If you decide to make a new topic discussing AI I will offer my suggestions, advice and help. It is simpler that way as if I were to make a topic about my AI it would take hours to write. My Jarvis currently has over 400 voice commands and close to 100 automatic processes, each one I would feel the need to explain in the same detail that everything else is explained in when I provide information.

Edit: And no not the X10 plugin the EZ-B plugin that you mentioned. You claimed EventGhost now supports the EZ-B yet I cannot find any mention of this plugin other than from you.

Edit 2:



It should be "Maybe I am smarter than you", not that I'm implying anything here...
RICH check your EZ-Cloud post on JARVIS you put info on how to use eventghost with EZB
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I've only ever posted about using the HTTPGet function which requires a webserver running PHP and is a very messy method. I have mentioned using telnet however this has not been implemented yet. Neither of which are on my Jarvis project on the cloud only in an earlier example posted that has since become superseded by the Jarvis project, and neither of which mention anything about Eventghost supporting the EZ-B.

Currently, other than using telnet which I am still working on, there is no way to use eventghost variables in ARC or ARC variables in eventghost. Events in ARC are not recorded in Eventghost and Eventghost cannot control any aspect of ARC.
Sorry PJ i should brought this up ,since it messed your good post,and it seems RICH will make a comment when all i did is answer your question on making JARVIS from a youtube video and problem started

here is the info on EZ CLOUd RICH will not make any more comments so make as many you want

jarvis example
Owner: Rich
Last Updated: 4/27/2013 1:55:49 AM
Project Details: 4 Controls Label
File Size: 4,333 Bytes
Description: Quick example of Jarvis voice control and httpget to control devices via eventghost
DOES SAY YOU USING PHP ,its not that hard to use.if i can use anyone can

ALSO KKEAST is using eventghost with EZB with other software and other guys here
The magnetic charging idea came from the Macbook laptops. I figure the robot can easily attach and detach himself without the aid for a human. Can be archive using script, or QR code.
PJ any info on the charging design or links ,i like the idea