iRobot Roomba Hack

DJ Sures

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DJ modifies an iRobot Roomba to be wirelessly controlled with the EZ-B. He also adds a webcam and voice recognition! This is all done by soldering only two wires from an old PS2 Mouse or Keyboard.

Have an iRobot Roomba around to help pickup? This is a fun DIY project that will convert your roomba into a voice recognition, camera recognition, autonomous, remote control cleaning machine!

DJ has added the EZ-B Bluetooth Robot Controller to the EZ-B by soldering only two wires. Using an old PS/2 mouse or keyboard cable, the EZ-B is easily connected to the Roomba. Any of the EZ-B's 20 UART Serial ports can be used for the connection.

But, he didn't stop there! He then added a wireless webcam to a servo and mounted on the front of the robot. This allows the roomba to follow motion and color detection! All of the Roomba features are available in both EZ-Builder software and the EZ-SDK library.

Currently, the programming is a collection of functions:
- Voice recognition
- Visual recognition, color tracking, motion tracking and object tracking
- Remote control
- Sweeping Camera


1 x iRobot Roomba
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit <a href="/Shop" style="color: #FF9900;">[Buy]</a>
1 x PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard for cable
1 x three wire servo cable

Screw Driver
Small Side Cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Zip Ties