iRobot Roomba Hack

DJ Sures

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DJ modifies an iRobot Roomba to be wirelessly controlled with the EZ-B. He also adds a webcam and voice recognition! This is all done by soldering only two wires from an old PS2 Mouse or Keyboard.

Have an iRobot Roomba around to help pickup? This is a fun DIY project that will convert your roomba into a voice recognition, camera recognition, autonomous, remote control cleaning machine!

DJ has added the EZ-B Bluetooth Robot Controller to the EZ-B by soldering only two wires. Using an old PS/2 mouse or keyboard cable, the EZ-B is easily connected to the Roomba. Any of the EZ-B's 20 UART Serial ports can be used for the connection.

But, he didn't stop there! He then added a wireless webcam to a servo and mounted on the front of the robot. This allows the roomba to follow motion and color detection! All of the Roomba features are available in both ARC software and the EZ-SDK library.

Currently, the programming is a collection of functions:
- Voice recognition
- Visual recognition, color tracking, motion tracking and object tracking
- Remote control
- Sweeping Camera


1 x iRobot Roomba
1 x EZ-Robot Complete Kit <a href="/Shop" style="color: #FF9900;">[Buy]</a>
1 x PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard for cable
1 x three wire servo cable

Screw Driver
Small Side Cutters
Hot Glue Gun
Zip Ties