archetype Finally Complete



Well it's never really complete right?

Here's my first (whew!) fully working droid, "Archetype". As you can see its somewhat EZbit "friendly" so room for expansion is possible.

I hope you all like my style...back to the old way of doing things, without 3D printers. Having said that, I have to credit Richard R for the ezbits.

Enjoy, and comments and suggestions are appreciated!

As of right now, I can't use everything at the same time, since it causes the ezb to brown out. I have also done the super cap fix, although it helps, I still only have a 2 amp voltage regulator running everything. That's only temporary of course. Once I get a higher amp battery I'll post some videos. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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That's one scary looking robot, very nicely done. can't wait to see it in action


Thanks! Why scary though? Haha


@doom, man... you did it again - i really dig that guy. Like the pic of him looking down.

Those elbow servos - if you cut slits in the back of the white L bracket, it will vent heat when it's lifting heavier weight to last longer. We find that a custom build with those servos, jeremie cuts slits in with a dremel so they don't get as hot when holding heavy stuff.


@DJ Thanks man! I gotta say these servos are so awesome, and I've tried SO many of them.

I'll try your suggestion-but yes I just don't have enough amps on my voltage regulator.


Great to see ya Doom! Love the bot. I really look forward to the video. You're an amazing artisan and builder. I've loved your work for years. :)


@Dave Thanks so much my brotha! Nice to be back!


Geez Dude! Your robots are works of art! Please share some of the build details and maybe some tips on how other can kick their robot's appear up a notch like yours! :):) :)


@doombot, Lol I thought it was a full-size robot now is not so scary. I love the mask well the whole robot! You are definitely an Artist.


Looks awesome. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you though. Great job.


@merne Thanks haha!


Parts are everywhere man! For example the head is made out of a plastic egg, toy laser gun handles, an ultrasonic distance sensor ezbit, flashlight parts and a plastic box. Look closely. I frequent dollar stores a lot , Salvation Army, goodwill, etc. for old toys and interesting parts. Armed with that and a glue gun, top that with silver spray paint it's an industrial mess! Haha

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@Doombot You sure do make an entrance man... Archetype is now officially my fav of your bots. So dudes like me that have zero creative ability need 3d printers to compensate for lack of design skills. LOL... As usual you still design an build the best looking bots on the forum... :)


Fantastic looking "BOT" ! Great to see you back.. Your abilities to develop these true robot looking creatures is really great. Their character always comes through.

Thanks for sharing.

Ron R


That's a great looking robot! Awesome eye for details. Yeah thrift stores and dollar stores are a great place to find materials. I am always on the look out for potential robot body parts. Great job. Looking forward to videos!


Geez thank you @Richard R, @ ANDY, @rgordon! It may look like it, but I don't really just put this stuff together. I spend a lot of time getting things to look like how I want them too...yes personality is very important.

I'm working on this bot's functions now...I must say even a simple distance sensor "radar" function looks so ominous on this reminds me of a cross between the Ed-208s (from the robocop remake) and Boba fett...


Archetype has interchangeable limbs/heads/bodies/drivetrain - in the tradition of EZ robot here is not exactly a new robot but a head, a torso, and a drivetrain option called "Cronos"...named after the singer of cult heavy metal act Venom... As requested by some users I am showing how my process works, step by step building and creatIng sculpture.

Hope you all like it.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Interchangeable parts? Damn, another great idea dude... and those hub less wheels rock.. :)


@Richard R

I told you about the interchangeability plan a while back...anyway archetype parts will work with any EZ robot...just offering something other than the classic "white" that all commercial robots seem to look like...

The hubless wheel is from a Star Wars episode 2 r/c toy...


Yeah, I had forgotten... Been a seriously busy 2 weeks for me and much less sleep than I am use too. I am supposed to be part time, but the last 2 weeks have been anything but..... Stiil, I love the concept... kinda' of wish inMoov could do it...


@Richard R I am planning on getting a 3D printer soon...if I can get inmoov joints I can make arm and head designs with my design logic...ill get there soon.

I thought you retired old man! :)


I thought I retired too... LOL... turns out my robot addiction keeps me working... It's a serious monkey on my back man... can't shake it... LOL I know you are a sharp guy... so if you don't mind tinkering and tweaking I recommend the Wanhao Duplicator i3... It is just under $400 US and it prints very well and has a decent build area... Like I said though, it's not really plug and play, but I know you can handle the nuances of the printer and get it up and running... It has a great user forum on google groups too... Check out the youtube videos of it as well if you want...


Hey @Doom,

You never stop amazing me with your artistic abilities... I am really impressed with your latest creations. The hubless wheels really make "archetype" 21st century plus!

I fear to see you with a 3D printer... I hope you get one soon.. Thanks for sharing your newest bots and welcome back.



@ANDY As always you are very kind on the compliments...I do appreciate it.

Using a 3D printer for me is mainly brackets and joints and mechanisms...stuff that need precise measurements. I'm most likely never gonna use it for artwork by itself...but definitely as a supplemental tool.

Oh I'll try to take pics again...they keep coming out sideways lol


@DJ Sorry man I am severely allergic to social media...YouTube included! BUT... videos are coming...I'm getting some help from @thetechguru Alan for this project.



Thank you sir!



Videos are on their way! Got something cool planned out. Right now I'm working on the third base/head/torso combination. Also some new, interesting arms.



Looking forward to seeing it, some amazing work!



Thank you much man! I am very stoked to show everyone what I have in store!


Doom, You're and amazing artisan! I became a fan of your's when I saw the work you do on your Guitars. I've never been a groupie but I'm almost there over your work. blush

I'm really looking forward to your video. No pressure but you do set the bar very high. This should be epic. I'm almost expecting to see this little guy part the Red Sea and travel to distant shores. LOL. :D


@Dave Missed this comment, but damn can you make a grown man blush! I appreciate the comments, and hopefully I won't disappoint! I have a movie styled "teaser" video planned!


Doom, Also looking forward to the video of your awesome original robot!


@Steve S Dude! Good to hear from you again!


Alternate heads:


User-inserted image

User-inserted image


User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Ahh, I like Abbadon. Very Star War'ish. Kind of a cross between Princess Leia and the B1 Battle Droid! :)


@Dave Busted on the Princess Leia influence! I crossed the lovely princess' buns with designs from the "Elysium" movie...they had a lot of great concept art they didn't use...

Btw for this prototype I'm using the "Amy" cepstral voice with the old robot fx...I think it's very fitting.


Latest update: shoulder mounted weapon that goes with head movement, Predator style. An infrared sensor will be placed in it so you can play "laser tag" with other Archetypes!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Geezus that's unreal!


@DJ @CochranRobotics

Thank you guys! Videos coming soon!


I love the new shoulder mounted "weapon". I am really looking forward to doing the EZ-B project for this. My mind has been swirling with ideas since Doom asked for my assistance.



When I talked to him about a week ago, he told me you were going to help him with it. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. If I can help, let me know. Bandwidth is pretty tight right now but I will do what I can.


Waiting, waiting, ooooh hurry dangit !


@Robot Doc , @JustinRatliff

Guys, I can't thank you enough! Working on the video! I'm just finalizing the drivetrain on this thing, so a few minor changes may occur.


Update: I found a cost effective laser diode that'll kick @$$.

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User-inserted image