"archetype" Finally Complete


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Well it's never really complete right?

Here's my first (whew!) fully working droid, "Archetype". As you can see its somewhat EZbit "friendly" so room for expansion is possible.

I hope you all like my style...back to the old way of doing things, without 3D printers. Having said that, I have to credit Richard R for the ezbits.

Enjoy, and comments and suggestions are appreciated!

As of right now, I can't use everything at the same time, since it causes the ezb to brown out. I have also done the super cap fix, although it helps, I still only have a 2 amp voltage regulator running everything. That's only temporary of course. Once I get a higher amp battery I'll post some videos.
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Videos are on their way! Got something cool planned out. Right now I'm working on the third base/head/torso combination. Also some new, interesting arms.

Looking forward to seeing it, some amazing work!

Thank you much man! I am very stoked to show everyone what I have in store!
Doom, You're and amazing artisan! I became a fan of your's when I saw the work you do on your Guitars. I've never been a groupie but I'm almost there over your work. *blush*

I'm really looking forward to your video. No pressure but you do set the bar very high. This should be epic. I'm almost expecting to see this little guy part the Red Sea and travel to distant shores. LOL. :D
Missed this comment, but damn can you make a grown man blush! I appreciate the comments, and hopefully I won't disappoint! I have a movie styled "teaser" video planned!
Also looking forward to the video of your awesome original robot!
@Steve S
Dude! Good to hear from you again!
Alternate heads:


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Ahh, I like Abbadon. Very Star War'ish. Kind of a cross between Princess Leia and the B1 Battle Droid! :)
Busted on the Princess Leia influence! I crossed the lovely princess' buns with designs from the "Elysium" movie...they had a lot of great concept art they didn't use...

Btw for this prototype I'm using the "Amy" cepstral voice with the old robot fx...I think it's very fitting.
Latest update: shoulder mounted weapon that goes with head movement, Predator style. An infrared sensor will be placed in it so you can play "laser tag" with other Archetypes!

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Geezus that's unreal!
@DJ @CochranRobotics

Thank you guys! Videos coming soon!
I love the new shoulder mounted "weapon". I am really looking forward to doing the EZ-B project for this. My mind has been swirling with ideas since Doom asked for my assistance.

When I talked to him about a week ago, he told me you were going to help him with it. I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. If I can help, let me know. Bandwidth is pretty tight right now but I will do what I can.
Waiting, waiting, ooooh hurry dangit !
@Robot Doc , @JustinRatliff

Guys, I can't thank you enough! Working on the video! I'm just finalizing the drivetrain on this thing, so a few minor changes may occur.
I found a cost effective laser diode that'll kick @$$.

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