My Desktop Trio Of Robots


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I've managed to finish another project. These are my desktop robots. I'm going to try to shoot a video of them in action at some point. Heres the details: I based them on a small parts container I got at Harbor Freight (Pic below)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I turned it over and mounted my bots on what is now the top. Its a soft but ridgid plastic, really easy to drill. The top became the base that holds the EZ-B and batteries. It makes it a breeze to get at everything. The little guy on the left is one of the Android speakers. I mounted micro servos for his arms and LED's in his eyes. I did a weathered paint job on him, and called him "Rusty" One in the middle ( I'm sure you'll all recognize) Is Wall-e's head mounted on a small pan/tilt I got off of eBay for $3.00. I put LED's in for his eyes. I decided to call him "Servo". On the right is a little generic bot, again, picked up from eBay ($4.00) I used Wall-e's arms and tracks on him. (Never let anything go to waste) Of course LED's for eyes.

They all turn back and forth. I programmed them so that they interact with each other and have soundtracks. So, it appears as if they are carrying on a conversation. I tried to imbue them with a litte humor. If and when I get a video done it will show how they work. User-inserted image

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