Wall-e Bubbles


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I may have added just about everything I can for a while to the ole GarBot 1.

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My latest garage Sale expeditions netted the following "bubble-blowing" Wall-E for 50 cents. It was a bit rusty inside (water and electrics just don't mix well), but I got it going long enough for the video.

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I believe I can fit my EZ-Board inside, and then add a servo for a moving head, and some blue LEDs for eyes. Perhaps a motion sensor or two would be nice. Unfortunately, this Wall-E cannot move, so I considered adding a pair of wheels I removed from another garage sale find.

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But then, Wall-E saw this:
User-inserted image

Let the fun begin.

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Lookup "RC Mattracks" on eBay, like these. Maybe you can adapt those to your Wall-e?