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I received my second EZ-B and everything is working great with few exceptions which DJ is looking into. Excuse my poor filming equipment but ya gatta do with what ya got.
Greetings from Buster and the Bookmaker

Can't seem to get the "Add YouTube Video" to work.
Here is the link http://youtu.be/5rLd9zgW9oQ

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WOW 2 EZ-B? you have overloaded your Buster for sure:) but he's coolest bot i've seen, must be crazy with the scripts and all to get everything function like that. More details please!
That is part of my problem. I have had him finished now for several months but as soon as I fix his sholder moter one of his hand servos goes south and so on and so forth. Been through 8 servos 4 h-bridges 4 sholder motors 2 transister switches and now I have to fix his sholder limit swithches and another hand servo. If I can get to the point where everything works for a week end I will be able to make a video which has been my goal for the past two months.
Ouch. That has got to be frustrating.

Will try to be patient. I apologize in advance if the female comes out in me. :o)

BTW is there any other females on here? I don't think I have run across any.
Nope , you are the smurfett of ezrobot
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HI Bookmaker .

You my have to invest in some metal gear servos for the most heavly loaded joints in the arms.
Exspensive but should last for years , So a good investment .

Steve_C .

PS love the left arm (gripper + gun + flamethower) How about a cattle prod .:)
I have 645mg hitec servos that are pretty good at 133 oz in for general movement like the head.,,h itec 995 mg that have even more torque , 208 oz in 6v , 34.99
Specifically from robotics website , 260 oz in torque , 19.99 , great sweet spot , price vs performance.

Even if your servo stalls , having metal gears means they are less likely to be damaged and more likely to just stop moving.
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Something I.am.doing.you may want to think about is using two servos in tandem to handle the servo stress vs one. , two cheap $20 servos like from pololu could grant you 520 oz in torque from $40 but still have a snappy movement rate , each servo would carry the exact same signal , splice the wire. , I plan the same mad scientists idea for the elbows as well so my bot won't have problems picking stuff up.
Woo those are expensive to be burning out.
@Steve_C comment; Check this for that cattle prod.:)

Watch the video too! oooo very mad scientist kinda thing
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HI Glickclick

WOW i just orderd one cant wait to try it .SO COOL. ;)

I got that scene from starwars in mind . with r2 zapping that nasty little critter with a prod thing .

Cheers for the link.

Steve_C .
*eek* Be careful with that! Also be mindful of the current draw.
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Current smurrent iv got 2 110 amp hour deep cycle marine batterys on Aegis .

But i will be VERY careful .

Steve_C .

PS @Bookmaker Did you set fire to your work bench with that flamethrower yet . *eek*

Again many thanks.
Yea , so one possible role for my bot was security , having a dang caddle prod should up the annie lol. Seriously though the voltage is not too high because its only able to jump a 1/2" gap , modern stun guns use pulsed 50,000 volts and jump a 2.5 in gap . So it will hurt but its not nearly the punch that a police stun gun would hit you with. I would guess 10,000 volts at the most but most likely less:P HIGHLY recommend.isolating this from your board , highvoltage can backtrack , use a fuse and a diode inline to this guys power so the current can only travel through the step up transformer.
You guys need to make a combat robot.
Just the sound alone is a deterant! But something not mentioned is the RF interference those continuous sparks create. I hope it doesnt create an issue.
Fyi , dynamat.has aluminum backing , ground it.to.the battery and you have a low.cost rf shield
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RF may cause issues with the bluetooth connection, Will have to test very carefully , I agree its going to be the sound thats the real scary thing .

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To Bookmaker

Sorry to have gone off topic , But do you see what BUSTER has done , its inspired us all with its greatness.


That is a good thing. On the RF issue, Busters flame thrower lighter had to be taken off because it made all the continuous servos go crazy. Tried isolating it to no avail. I have to light by hand now.
Slowly working my way through all the different projects here...

Wow, I am very impressed! Great job on arm and hand. Any current news?