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Could we get optional user setting fields Public Email & URL where we can put addresses for only other users to see on our User Details pages? (Sharing email addresses in posts, opens us up to spam bots. I dont have a spam filter on my email address (havent needed it for last 8yrs), I started getting a rash of spam after posting my email address on...
Cnc Machined Parts

Cnc Machined Parts

Im seriously considering investing in a CNC mill, specifically a Probotix Fireball V90. It can machine plastic & wood in upto 12x18x2.5 pieces all day long and cut light aluminum to...

Benq S6 Tablet Pc, 4.8, Xp, Wifi, Bt - $60 - 24H Sale

Ultimate EZ-Robots Computer? I just bought 2! Sale ends saturday 11:59pm eastern time, unless they sellout 1st. Im not associated with dailysteals, just a satisfied customer over multiple purchases. BenQ S6 Tablet PC with 4.8 Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, MicroSD Slot and Windows XP @ Condition: New Packaging: Retail Warranty: 1 Year Brand:...

Inexpensive, High Quality Ps2 Cable Source

I see alot of people struggling to find quality PS2 cables for use with the Roomba. Checkout Monoprice - PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Cables

Servocity - Hitech 416Oz-In Blowout Sale.

Got this on my Facebook from Servocity: The HSR-5995TG servos are back IN STOCK. This time, when they are gone....they are GONE! Make sure to place your order soon because inventory is limited and we will sell out. Reg. Price: $119.99 Blowout Price: $69.99 You save 42% (Thats $50.00 off!!)...

Omnibot 2000 On Auction Kings

On Discovery Channel now!

Couple Small Ui Tweaks For Accessibility

3 small UI tweaks that would help me allot with my robot. On Touch Tablet Controls, two selectable options: 1st - One that causes the panel to lock onto the mouse on one click (like holding the mouse button) and release on the next click. 2nd - One that makes it activate the Movement Panels stop function when released. On Servo Controls with a...

Ds18b20 1-Wire Temperature Sensor Support

Id love to be able to put temperature sensors on all my robots critical parts, like the EZ-B, HBridges, drive motors, DC-DC Converters, & batteries... This Arduino 1-Wire Tutorial shows how to interface multiple DS18B20s (eBay link) to a single Arduino pin. DS18B20 datasheet Would support for these be possible DJ?

ARC Multithreaded?

Is ARC Multithread?

2 New 3-Pin Ultrasonic Sensors For Consideration

While searching for alternatives to the Parallax Ultrasonic Range Finder, I found these 2: Seeedstudios Ultra Sonic range measurement module (SEN136B5B) This one is similar to the Parallax one, in that the trigger & pulse width out are on the same pin. See the Wiki Datasheet for specs. Serial Ultrasonic Motion Detector Sensor Module - Sure...

Atten - Jstarne1

You still have that spare RAD base?

Intro - David In Arkansas

Hi, Im David in Arkansas. Ive been following the EZ-Robot project with great interest. Real Wall-e is the coolest thing ever btw! I hope to build a telepresence bot with EZ-B someday, but my ultimate goal will be to have EZ-B help me drive my wheelchair. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and even the most sensitive joystick has become a...
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