Happy Holidays

Andy Roid



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hey andy antonn is great love it.happy holydays for you too,and averybody.
Patrick, Thank you, and have Happy and Healthy Holidays and a great New Year.

Great work on your Jd. He is very impressive with all the mods you have done on him..

Looks great. I am curious about your bot. I thought it was a standard Inmoov but I am noticing differences. Can you tell me a bit more about it?
Hello @Perry_S,

Thanks for the compliment.

Antonn is a low key Inmoov. The face is a modified craft store mask. The chest is a Maniquin base. The neck is based in a 1/2 inch socket set universal joint. and all is supported on a pvc pipe frame. Also many 3D parts were printied. At one time he was known as Lillian.

He is not complete yet but will have the electronics (and of course the EZB,) including a Latte Panda, mounted on a panel attached to the pvc pipe frame on his back. I rough assembled him for a party so he can interact with friends over the holidays.

If you look in my profile, I have posted some pictures of the assembly.

He is a prototype, and the next generation will have more social abilities. (and be more durable)
I will begin assembling the next version after the holidays.


United Kingdom
Seasons greetings and a happy new year to Antonn (and to you and your family to Ron, human and robots alike, lol). Hope you're keeping well and hoping you have a great Christmas buddy.


EDIT: Nice video btw. Antonn's eyes are crazy and so lifelike. Looks like someone wearing a mask... but I know better.;)
That's hilarious, ( not funny haha but damn) but my wife and I were just getting our
Inmoov in position to tell the same story. Guess you beat us to it.

I'll post something else. Nice job.
Hey Steve, A BIG Hello ! Great to hear from you... All is going well here, Hope your doing well too..
Antonn and I send you Holiday Greetings and hope Santa is good to you !

Holy 1 I'm happy you enjoyed Antonn's recital, but sorry we messed up your plans, but will be watching for your video. Wishing you Happy Holidays.

Ron & Antonn
Hey Ron, great video! I really liked that Antonn asked Alexa to play a christmas song in the background, nice and funny detail that made me smile.

Happy holidays!
Thanks, Yes, He likes using Alexa, and he thinks she is kind of cute.

Andy. This was great! I thoroughly enjoyed this. What a nice Christmas gift for us believers. Thanks for sharing. ;)
Antonn looks like he cannot wait for Christmas...all properly dressed up, with freshly trimmed beard and eyebrows!

So cute!:D
Mickey 666, Thanks for the compliment. Antonn was happy to show off his sweater and hat. He is looking forward to Christmas. He hopes Santa will bring him a nice gift, because he has been a good robot all year.