Trs-80 Model 100 Controlled Wall-e

DJ Sures

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Watch the video:) I think the title say it all!

I hacked my 1983 Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable "Computer" with a TTL Bluetooth Module to control my EZ-Robot Wall-e. Why? Because it's awesome- that's why!:)

The source code for the serial relay server is in the EZ-SDK package. If you want to perform this hack yourself, you can see the pins that I connected the RX/TX bluetooth module to on the 6402. I put the terminal program in 9600 baud mode with COM:88N1D command on the TRS-80.

With this hack, you can also load programs over bluetooth to the TRS-80 using the Basic programming language. The command LOAD "COM:88N1D will load what ever is transfered over the bluetooth connection into the TRS-80 (Yes, do not use a closing quote in that command). When the program is done uploading (maybe through hyper terminal is good to use (copy and paste the code), press CTRL-Z.

Oh yeah, and Wall-e has wicked dance moves!

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LMAO You obiuosly have way too much time on your hands! It's folks like you that cause "normal" people to look at us strange! We have enough problems being associated with the Bing Bang stereo type!:D

Oh, by the way, That's really cool!


Reminds me of my way newer HP 1000cx.

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I love playing with this old thing:)


Lmao seizure mode , that's classic


That is just sick. I am amazed a TRS-80 - 100 will still boot up.

Are you able to set the date on it, or does it have the Y2K bug?


That's really cool DJ! :)


That's good publicity! , next you should do it with a Texas instruments calculator lol because everyone has one of those laying around ! Good job man.


Where does one get the 9600 baud bluetooth module for this project? Thanks.



We used to nickname the TRS-80s, Trash awesome...I was an owner of a VIC 20 and a Commodre 64....any Timex Sinclair owners out there?


@kkeast - Ha-ha! Same here about the "Trash 80s". And a "^5" about the VIC-20 and the C-64 too. I still have both of mine and they still run. I also was able to work on a Commodre PET in high school, believe it or not, because the teacher that ran the high school paper liked the font on the printer that the PET used.

LOAD "*",8,1

Ah... takes me back! :D


Wow...I love all things Wall-E, but you seriously got me with the "Trash 80" - I say this as a term of endearment, that's what they were called at the time.

When I was a kid, I went off to a month long computer camp one summer.  Everything was Apple 2's and TRS-80s with cassette tape drives.  Memories.

Not sure if you intended the trash combination theme, but combining the "Trash Bot" and the "Trash 80" together ...brilliant.


Ha - the pun will last for ever:)

This is quite the blast from the past. It now sits in my retro computing/console collection

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User-inserted image

and of course I have my uprights:)

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