Trs-80 Model 100 Controlled Wall-e

DJ Sures

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Watch the video:) I think the title say it all!

I hacked my 1983 Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable "Computer" with a TTL Bluetooth Module to control my EZ-Robot Wall-e. Why? Because it's awesome- that's why!:)

The source code for the serial relay server is in the EZ-SDK package. If you want to perform this hack yourself, you can see the pins that I connected the RX/TX bluetooth module to on the 6402. I put the terminal program in 9600 baud mode with COM:88N1D command on the TRS-80.

With this hack, you can also load programs over bluetooth to the TRS-80 using the Basic programming language. The command LOAD "COM:88N1D will load what ever is transfered over the bluetooth connection into the TRS-80 (Yes, do not use a closing quote in that command). When the program is done uploading (maybe through hyper terminal is good to use (copy and paste the code), press CTRL-Z.

Oh yeah, and Wall-e has wicked dance moves!

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That's really cool DJ! :)
That's good publicity! , next you should do it with a Texas instruments calculator lol because everyone has one of those laying around ! Good job man.
Where does one get the 9600 baud bluetooth module for this project? Thanks.

We used to nickname the TRS-80s, Trash awesome...I was an owner of a VIC 20 and a Commodre 64....any Timex Sinclair owners out there?
@kkeast - Ha-ha! Same here about the "Trash 80s". And a "^5" about the VIC-20 and the C-64 too. I still have both of mine and they still run. I also was able to work on a Commodre PET in high school, believe it or not, because the teacher that ran the high school paper liked the font on the printer that the PET used.


LOAD "*",8,1

Ah... takes me back! :D