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Hello all,
I'd like to share a quick experience which may be of help since so many of us use them.
I have had a couple now, the first a GEEEtech which is your basic reprap $250 ebay clone. I learned to print on that. I made an entire inmoov with it. I still have it but tend to use it more for parts now. I upgraded to an Crealty 10S which I love.and use as my printer now.

It is important to know that continuing improvements and feature releases do not exist for 3D printers. They build them, sell them, then move on to the next design. That is why you don't see software patches or firmware upgrades. They are not ARC, that is for sure. But people keep writing software and making improvements on their own. To get to the point, I was using the factory firmware in my printer. Recently I upgraded to Marlin firmware. I was afraid because I did not want to brick my machine but there are universal firmware updates now that make it a simple 10 minute process. Marlin offers better functionality and makes the machines much SAFER. Particularly, Marlin has thermal runaway protection. This very basic safety feature can keep you printer from burning down your house and for some reason, not incorporated into most off the shelf printers. I also found that there are different jerk setting algorithms there which made my prints much more appealing. 

There are a few different programs available for free to make the upgrade which I will not post here as I do not represent any. If you ask I can recommend the one I used.

So in a nut shell software development is dynamic. Look how many changes there are in ARC. There is NO REASON you should be using printer firmware that is 2 -3 years old and missing basic features. I am not sure if many know you should keep it up to date. 10 minutes can give you safety piece of mind and better prints to boot.


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perry s

i saw on my ender-3 setting called jerk ?
what does it do?
Hi Nomad,

The Jerk settings are tied to the acceleration settings of your printer. They both control how quickly your print head changes direction. Manufacturer's set them unusually high so they can claim high print speed but the higher values produce sloppy print results.

Here's a link;
Perry S

aha thats why my printer bounced alot.i set my speed always a little slower.

thanks for the link.
Hi Perry,

I purchased the Creality 3D Printer CR-10S Pro V2 with BL Touch Auto-Level, Touch Screen, Large Build Volume 3D Printer 300mmx300mmx400mm with Capricorn PTFE 2019 Newest 95% Pre-Assembled Printer

Also the Creality glass bed and the Magigoo Pen - an All-in-One Adhesive for 3D Printing, 1,67 fl.oz

I haven't had time to figure it out, relatives, life stuff, tried one time, 2 weeks ago, just got strings

This week I hope to get started with this

Any pointers?

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hi EzAng

mark your glas with a marker.and keep it always in same position.
a mark on the side and front.
also use a small device ( yellow) to start leveling.all four corners.

User-inserted image

3dguy thanks for the link.
Cant wait to get my new 3D printer. Its on its way.... Picked up from Amazon, is the XYZ Printing DaVinci Super Pro, Professional printer, can print up to almost 12 inches and has the heated heat for PLA,ABS,and a few other materials which comes as a package deal. Sadly, thanks to the covide, shipping is a bit delayed, so wont be seeing it until mid July.
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My favourite program for 3D Printing is Simplify3D it costs a small amount but it is worth every penny, I have tried all the other slicers but Simplify3d is the best just my opinion.