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Hi all
Im very new here and not long had my ez b controller and so far love it.
Ive linked a video to what im using my controller on which is a full replica of johnny 5 from short circuit.
Im hoping to do so much with this software but this was a quick starting and testing point.
looking forward to learning more
thanks dave.

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Great ROBOT, I will be following updates.
Steve S
Calling @J5GURU !

We have another member here with a lifesize Johnny 5 (J5GURU). We need to get you guys in touch with each other!
United Kingdom
Haha yer me and Terry j5guru talk a lot.
I did not relise he was signed up in here though.
Vertigo the cylinders are the same as used in the film and are hydraulic but powered by servos on a lever, a 1:1 setup with same size cylinder at each end.
Awesome Dave , im gonna have to post up my littlie guy pretty soon to get some help/advice on some of the issues im having but having a lot of fun with it and glad I chose this route
Wow, I am really excited to know all about it. I appreciate You. *eek* *eek* *eek*
Very nice. Can you describe more how you are using the Ez-B?