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Hi all Im very new here and not long had my ez b controller and so far love it. Ive linked a video to what im using my controller on which is a full replica of johnny 5 from short circuit. Im hoping to do so much with this software but this was a quick starting and testing point. looking forward to learning more thanks dave.

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Oh man, so awesome! Amazing work on your replica @dave_hall

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Thank you i will update with more soon, as i get the arms reattached and linked up. The servos being used are the asme 380kg big boys lol. in total there is about 30 servos and 3 actuators and a mid torso motor for turning him. so lots to plan.


That's an awesome build! I love full sized replica Robots.

Welcome to the family!


Just what I needed to see today. Great job, can't wait for more details.


WOW love it. Great work


Nice, Really like it!


Awesome! It is really impressive. Can't wait until it is completed.


Amazing work, Dave! that's a great looking Johnny 5. Welcome to the community!


now thats a robot. Amazing work, I dont want to know how much time you spent on that!

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I think I'm into the millions of hours now hahaha

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Fantastic work, great to see a full size build.

Where are you located in the UK?

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I'm down in Devon. Paignton.


Great Job can you mount the Camera in the eyes on on the head so you can use head tracking, I use this on my Inmoov and it works very well. also I don't mind the servo and gear noise it is a Robot after all, and robots should sound like robots.;)


Do you have a website with more info somewhere? Im curious about a lot of things, but particularly how you move the head. Those orange cylinders look like pneumatic or even hydraulic actuators, but when I looked up the original, yours look 105% identical to those on the movie version (as does everything else, seriously!), and those where made to look like hydraulic actuators,. Then again, the movie version also had to move, so maybe they were real lol. Anyway, is that what they actually are on yours?


Dave_Hall, Great ROBOT, I will be following updates. Steve S


Calling @J5GURU !

We have another member here with a lifesize Johnny 5 (J5GURU). We need to get you guys in touch with each other!

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Haha yer me and Terry j5guru talk a lot. I did not relise he was signed up in here though. Vertigo the cylinders are the same as used in the film and are hydraulic but powered by servos on a lever, a 1:1 setup with same size cylinder at each end.


Awesome Dave , im gonna have to post up my littlie guy pretty soon to get some help/advice on some of the issues im having but having a lot of fun with it and glad I chose this route


Wow, I am really excited to know all about it. I appreciate You. eek eek eek


Very nice. Can you describe more how you are using the Ez-B? Thanks


I love what you have done can’t wait to see more!!!