Drd 3d Printable Robot

DJ Sures


I wanted a robot that was super easy to 3D print and was least number of parts to make. This robot was inspired from the Farscape DRD robots. There's merely 2 components (top and bottom) that need to be printed, which clip together.

Download the app and project, which also contains the 3D printable files from here: https://synthiam.com/Community/Apps?id=6203

Here's the robot working...

Here's inside the robot

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Nice clean simple bot. Did you have supports in the shell (my printer is terrible at printing shapes like that).

You say It use the iotiny but show picture of EZB

Assumption is everything you need is in dev kit correct ? 2 360. Camera battery box and EZB


No supports necessary - it is a low enough angle and thick enough that it'll be great

There are no photos of this robot with an EZ-B. There are no photos of this robot at all. There are only videos of this robot, and they use the IoTiny


Love these DRDs! I need to build one or two just to program and watch them run around my house. My kittens would go nuts!


Ah yes - the iotiny is referenced in the beginners guide as a smaller ezb - and that all references to ezb apply to the iotiny (vice versa). The only usability difference is the number of ports. So the APP builder only has images for the ezb


The IO Tiny works very well and the price is low. Buy a bunch and have a blast! I am going to print this and build the DRD!


I notices the files for the DRD robot are in the 3D files section with recommended print specs now, thank you for that (I previously pulled them from the project). 15% infill, is that what you printed yours with in the shop I take it?


Before I try some random internet service, I'm going to give it one more try here. Would anyone be willing/able to print the shell and bottom and ship it to me at a reasonable price?


Hey Zap, the OP of this thread is offering to make shells of this cool little robot:


It's not a 3D print but a molded shell. IMOP molded is a better product between the two. Old school. :D

I've never seen this guy post here before he seems like a talented and honest guy. LOL :P (of course I'm kidding. He's one of the old timers)


@Zap, I could do either, 3d print a little one or cast one from the mold I have of my big one.


@jstarne1 How can I contact you about doing the 3D printed one?


This one just turned up in my feed again. I never built it because at the time I didn’t have an iotiny.  Wondering if a quick revision using an esp32cam replacing 2 components for 1 is a good idea for a quick diy kit for kids.  I wish there was a decent breakout shield for esp32 cam.