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This is the thread for my current project Dewy. He is a tall robot that uses RAD parts and models a omnibot in a way.

For showcases sake:
User-inserted image

Here's the process of tearing down the RAD.
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User-inserted image

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Here's where I finished off.
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It's good to see Dewy coming together.
Ok so demonstrated the bottom part of dewy at school today and the younger children loved him! He is pretty loud though! working on the neck tonight and hope to have him looking around soon.
He's starting to look like I want him to look!

User-inserted image

Working on arms(foam) today. Hope to finish them!
looking cool.what color will you use?
Here's the final paint scheme sketch. Thanks Cupcake for the help!

User-inserted image

And as I posted in my paint scheme thread, I think ill put the ez-robot logo in the chest hole of the rad body on some clear material and will have light shining outward.

User-inserted image

I hope to make the arms this week(dummy arms, but might make work later) out of insulation foam.
Loving the stripes. Very Mass Effect/N7 -ish.:)
Minor update.

I'm back to work! Right now I'm doing body work smoothing out the rough spots and trying to align the items that are angled. Another update soon to come!
Update 2:

Dewy's on his way! He still needs his neck assembly made and his body painted but he's getting close!

Long time since an update!

Dewy got his final paint job today. Detailing comes next. Hope to get the last parts I need soon.
User-inserted image
Wow! It's been a while! Here's an update!

I got his head lighting installed. To black out the clear display panel, I used black craft paint and painted it on fairly heavy. To get the lights to show through better, I used the other end of the paint brush(wooden handle) to scratch the paint off while holding the light in the same position on the reverse side to show where to scratch. I also added an led with a white tube for it to illuminate that I got from a dollar store light bar.

User-inserted image

Next is to mount the camera and build up the neck!
Update: He's made some progress! Right dummy arm is on! Speaker is in, the neck is made, the wires are connected, and the internal custom circuits are made!

Still have a bit to do though! I'm a little worried about the centre of mass though, as he seems too heavy from the large neck...

User-inserted image
If the head is too heavy try putting springs on the assembly to help stabilize it... And of course put as much of the robot's weight in the base as possible to lower the centre of gravity...
The head is real cool - great use of the rgb display in there
Thanks guys. Got the other arm mounted. I used cardboard to make "ribs" that stick out to hold the servos because the gap in the RAD body was huge. It a work of art, but lets hope I don't need to rewire something. That will take a lot of de-hot gluing!