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This is the thread for my current project Dewy. He is a tall robot that uses RAD parts and models a omnibot in a way.

For showcases sake:

User-inserted image

Here's the process of tearing down the RAD.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here's where I finished off.

User-inserted image

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I like the way you put the garbage bag to give the end of the story closure. You are a good visual story teller.;)


Right now im deciding if I want rover to be able to serve drinks. Anyways, Still looking for ideas on what to do with the gapping hole on top of him. And if anyone thinks they have an idea for a cool detailing design please let me know.

Here's the new high res. pic for the showcase.

User-inserted image

Edit: I just noticed, does anyone see the cat/polar bear face like design of the front? Hmmmmmm...

United Kingdom

Looks almost like how Jarvis has remained since I started him, although I have removed the cup holder and battery box.

Have you hooked it up and got just the base moving yet? I ask because Jarvis bounces about quite a lot without the weight of the robot's torso and head on it, this may just be my RAD base, the tracks or something else but it may be common since there is less weight to help transfer the power.

If you are just keeping the base what I would do is remove the cup holder, the battery box and the slot where the torso fits in, shape some cardboard or whatever over the holes on the outside and fibreglass from the inside, this will give a nice finish on the outside, a touch of bondo to smooth it all out and you will have a nice looking base to work with.

Plan the insides well though, I didn't and have ended up with some wasted space and the need to attach the battery to the top half of the base by way of milliput and making a small battery slot for the LiPo (I'm sure there are photos in my Jarvis showcase if you want to see how I've done it).


Thanks for the tips Rich. I don't have any electronics yet so this is just a get it started topic. come December ill be posting like crazy due to the madness of electronics ill be getting. Ill end up spending probably all my savings($400) on all the stuff.

one question. What does that bar/axle running across the back do? Support? Just wondering.


Yeah, that is the rear axle and is there to support the drive wheels and gears.


OK, thanks.

Looking at it, could the motors withstand 8.4v 1.6AH? if not I can pwm them down.

Also, does anyone have ideas for what I could use the rest of the body for?(parts or the whole thing)

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I'm sure I read Josh has used 12v on them and someone else has PWMed 12v down to 6V with great results.

I've supplied mine with a 2S LiPo which is 8.4v when fully charged.


I use 12V in my Mini-B with the stock RAD base with no problems at all.


Well. Update time! So here's where I'm at:

Tested the base motors on high and low using a rc car battery pack and wiring. Both settings it tends to pull left. Ill fix that through pwm.

I've also got new inspiration. ROLI! After looking at roli in the shop for a while I realised that my rad base could be the perfect ripped Roli ! SO... THIS PROJECT IS NOW CALLED ROLI MEGA <now obsolete


Update! I've placed my order with ez-robot And now I have to wait until December.


Man I'm bored.

United Kingdom

We're all playing the waiting game:) It'll be here before you know it.


Me too. Ordered two V4s and just pretending they are being shipped from China by BOAT ! lol


Update! I've stripped the stickers off the base.


Only 2 months left!


@technopro , so what are the plans , besides the base are you going to make it like Roli with a little neck and camera or more?


Hey Josh! Just because you asked...

Ok. So. Here's the plans for Roli mega(or mega roli).

  1. Modify base to look similar to roli's body.

2.Add Roli Neck components(Clip 'n' play servo, rotating clip 'n' play servo, and camera)

  1. Add ez-b and motor controller.

All the stuff I mentioned I have on order so its just a waiting game. When orders start to ship I can imagine the forum will explode with activity to where the recent posts page will changing every few seconds. So, keep checking this project when you can to make sure I can get help.

This will be a Quicky project to make way for my planned future project, a recreation of pranav's fomnibot(foam omnibot).


Update!: Well, I just purchased some more stuff for mega roli.

Mainly: A battery Ping sensors Mini dean plugs

Getting even more anxious!


@techno. , awesome man , I still have a couple spare rad bases laying around. What battery did you get? For sure remember to lube the gears well with lithium grease. The rad for sure has a cool tracked base. It seems to like 12 volts.


Really? Hmmm. Too late. 7.2volt battery shipping to me soon.

Does putting a lot of grease in there make them quieter? Found out that soft things dull sound waves. So, my idea was to take pieces of felt, put them over the gear box, and then put tin foil on that. Will have to see if I have lithium grease.

Edit: To Update: So far I have spent around $210CAD(not counting parts I purchased for my future bot.)


I feel you Tech. $5 here, $10 there, $25 somewhere else, the next thing you know you're at $200 and don't even know it. It all adds up but it's worth it.;)


Here's what I did with one of my RAD 1.0 robots:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I cut the top off for easy access. This is my test platform for sensors and code testing.


Cool dude! I plan on keeping the top the same but will trim to remove mounts.


Update: masked of the areas I need to trim(melt away) so when my shipment arrives ill have a one day build with a video to go along with it.


Once again I changed my idea. Now, with all the dog robots I got sucked in and came up with an awesome design that involves the head of my broken(and even more broken now) idog dance. The idog has 2 35 ohm .5 watt speakers that, depending on DJ's reply, I will wire up to the speaker socket of the ez-b. kept some parts from the dance such as the 3.5mm headphone plug, the speakers and head, and some buttons that I hope I can make work with the ez-b. Will post pictures.


Here's the head after I wired in all my lights. Have to figure out how to mount in servo.

User-inserted image


Ok so its been a long time since I posted and I thought I'd give an update seeing as I've changed the design so much. First I was going to make a big rollie, then I decided to put a dog head on it. Now I've changed my idea completely!

User-inserted image

The sketch is out of proportion but it will use a clock head, a roli neck, the top half of a rad body, a white garbage can body, and the rad base at the bottom.

Yes? No? Tell me what you think!


Here's a concept drawing I did on the computer:

User-inserted image

Tell me what you think!


My designs change mid-stream as well. I think that will be a nice platform to add stuff onto. Plenty of room for the internals.


I agree. Really what I will end up doing is putting all sorts of things into it. Mainly I need to get it running.

Got the clock head working off a switch so you can flick the switch and it rings. So loud! eek


About the hole. You could get it's dimensions and build a single arm and attach to the hole.


I have revised the design based on designs i made in the "penguin-like robot" thread. I figured I would post once more in that thread. It was a lost cause.

Anyways here's the current design:

User-inserted image

South Africa

Looks like it's going to turn out great


It's good to see Dewy coming together.


Ok so demonstrated the bottom part of dewy at school today and the younger children loved him! He is pretty loud though! working on the neck tonight and hope to have him looking around soon.


He's starting to look like I want him to look!

User-inserted image

Working on arms(foam) today. Hope to finish them!


looking cool.what color will you use?


Here's the final paint scheme sketch. Thanks Cupcake for the help!

User-inserted image

And as I posted in my paint scheme thread, I think ill put the ez-robot logo in the chest hole of the rad body on some clear material and will have light shining outward.

User-inserted image

I hope to make the arms this week(dummy arms, but might make work later) out of insulation foam.


Loving the stripes. Very Mass Effect/N7 -ish.:)


Minor update.

I'm back to work! Right now I'm doing body work smoothing out the rough spots and trying to align the items that are angled. Another update soon to come!


Update 2:

Dewy's on his way! He still needs his neck assembly made and his body painted but he's getting close!


Long time since an update!

Dewy got his final paint job today. Detailing comes next. Hope to get the last parts I need soon.

User-inserted image


Wow! It's been a while! Here's an update!

I got his head lighting installed. To black out the clear display panel, I used black craft paint and painted it on fairly heavy. To get the lights to show through better, I used the other end of the paint brush(wooden handle) to scratch the paint off while holding the light in the same position on the reverse side to show where to scratch. I also added an led with a white tube for it to illuminate that I got from a dollar store light bar.

User-inserted image

Next is to mount the camera and build up the neck!


Update: He's made some progress! Right dummy arm is on! Speaker is in, the neck is made, the wires are connected, and the internal custom circuits are made!

Still have a bit to do though! I'm a little worried about the centre of mass though, as he seems too heavy from the large neck...

User-inserted image


If the head is too heavy try putting springs on the assembly to help stabilize it... And of course put as much of the robot's weight in the base as possible to lower the centre of gravity...


The head is real cool - great use of the rgb display in there


Thanks guys. Got the other arm mounted. I used cardboard to make "ribs" that stick out to hold the servos because the gap in the RAD body was huge. It a work of art, but lets hope I don't need to rewire something. That will take a lot of de-hot gluing!