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Hello, greetings to all robot builders, I am eager to receive the board ez-b, to give life to my butler robot, robot weighing 2.5 to 3 kg, the wheel servos are 15kg of torque, modified for continuous rotation, arms and head as well these servos, body materials are cheap and easy to find, I have a lot of ideas for the project that I'd like to share.
Ping 3 sensors and 1 sharp infrared, head with 2-axis motion, arms opening and closing hands, voice, etc. ..
And all thanks to the fantastic product ez-b, which by its ease and flexibility, have encouraged me with this project, since my childhood I came in my mind.
Here is a video with the current assembly.

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Thank kudo48pa robotmaker and, while I think of building an improved version of the robot, something like a 2.0, improving its faults and qualities, also a body harder and more accessible to its interior, riding stronger servos continuous rotation as s8166m, more autonomy using 2 lipo batteries and a dual charger 10000mAh built.
Perhaps in time ...
sick build R2D2. I hope to end up there with my build thanks for the inspiration.:D
hola r2d2 gracias por el saludo queria preguntar de donde sacastes las piezas servos ,placas
@R2d2. Wow you really turned some household trinkets into a work of art! Simple yet effective. Congrats I hope to see more;)
why are you not making any progress any more
i like your work alot!
good robot maybe we can call it "trashy bot";)
Thank you all, now little Timpo and economy to build robots but better times will come in the future..;)
Hola frankpalais! la placa de control es ez-b porsupuesto, los servos son chinos:mg995, los sensores de ultrasonido son los que aparecen en el tutorial, los puedes comprar aqui en ez robot, tambien en ebay, y la papelera te lo puedes imaginar(todo a 100), un saludo!
Some time ago I had to have posted this video, but the quality is not good, so I'll leave it because even as a kind of an end of the project ...

Dude, that is one of the cutest little dudes EVER!
Wow I love this robot, congratulations :)
Nice! I love how his "eyes" work.

Back on page 2 of this thread you show a diagram for your collision sensors. You have two momentary switches on each side wired in parallel with each other (one parallel per side). You show each side attached straight to a digital port on the EZ-B. I've been wondering if this was possible without causing damage to the EZ-B. I've been using the ADC ports for this purpose. I ran 5v from the ADC port to one side of the switch and the ADC sensor wire to the other side. Then had ARC look for the change of voltage when the switch was closed. Could you explain where you hooked your wires to the EZ-B digital port and how ARC knows when the switch is closed. How does the EZ-B board keep from shorting out when the switch is closed? I'm sure I'm missing something here.

Thanks in advance for the lesson,
Dave Schulpius
Very cool robot, R2D2! I agree with all that he has a very interesting personality! I might suggest adding a varible speed for turning its head...just my thoughts :)
@ dschulpius hello! Long ago I did that and I did not remember, so I looked at the wiring of the buttons to ez-b and is connected between GND and digital signal port, then ARC is configured to read the digital port (two digital ports here, one for each side of the robot)
@ irobot58 speed servo is a current feature, look at the date I started the project, at that time say that robots were a bit nervous.

OK, thanks. I need to give that a try. Do you have a script running that watches that digital port? I guess I don't understand how ARC knows to react when the button closes that attached to a digital port. In my project I'm using ADC ports for this and I state a variable in a script. When the voltage changes on that ADC port and reaches the variable stated the script will react the way I want it to. Could you share your script or project so I can see how your doing it?
The script is located on the first page of the project, under the pictures of the switch connections, I will look for the file and try and upload it to the cloud, although, it is written in the first versions of ARC.
This script acts on the wheel servos that are continuously rotating, and colliding robot changes its course after a small reverse.
Ok the file is already in the cloud, but I notice that you have to remove the lines that include the command script sound_random I believe that this function was removed from ARC, dschulpius greetings!
Thanks for going through the trouble. Much appreciated! This will make for fun reading and will really help.

Thanks again!
Although the video quality is horrible, I could not help post, I did it with an old phone and I found it by accident.
I remember I spent all afternoon writing and tweaking a script to get the robot agarrase an object, leave him on a plate located in a particular place on the floor and return to his starting position, speaker beep tones in a robotic language. An adventure that brings back good memories, is therefore added. :)